Difference Between AAMA and AMT

AAMA and AMT are two certification bodies in the medical field. In the field of health care, there are many career options. One of these is of medical assistants. These are workers who provide help and assistance to doctors and perform various administrative and clinical tasks. These assistants also have the responsibility of administering drugs and injections apart from handling medical equipment. They also collect specimens of blood and body tissues to be readied for lab testing. The terms AAMA and AMT refer to associations that certify these assistants. Let us understand the difference between AAMA and AMT.

The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) was formed in 1956. It conducts a certification examination in consultation with National Board of Medical Examiners. This exam is called CMA, and is offered to students across the country at computer based testing centers. To take this CMA test, candidates should have passed a medical training program that is accredited by either CAAHEP or ABHES. Those who clear the CMA exam earn the credential of being a CMA that carries certification from AAMA.

There is another option for those who have undergone medical assistant training, and that is to become a RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) rather than CMA. The association that certifies this exam is AMT, also known as American Medical Technologists. AMT started certifying medical assistants way back in 1972. AMT is a separate association and its certification is also valid just like that of AAMA. To be eligible to appear in the test conducted by AMT, students must have undergone a program accredited with either ABHES or CAAHEP. After passing the entrance exam, he can use the initials of RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) along with his name.

In brief:

• To have a successful career in the profession of medical assistants, students can get certification from either AAMA or AMT

• Both these associations provide certifications that are called CMA and RMA respectively that are valid in hospitals across the country.