Difference Between Abraxane and Taxol

Each Abraxane and Taxol are chemotherapeutic medication. Taxol has been out there for a very long time and Abraxane is a brand new entry. It’s a new modification of the prevailing drug with a special manufacturing technique. Each medication are used to deal with breast most cancers and are efficient. There are benefits in addition to disadvantages related to each medication as in any anticancer medicines.

These cytotoxic medicines arrest the expansion of cells in case of cancerous tissues. They primarily differ within the element they carry and their effectiveness. A number of unwanted side effects which have been a part of the previous drugs paciltaxel have been finished away with the introduction of recent era anticancer medication.


Abraxane is paciltaxel certain to albumin. The supply of drug to focus on cells is simpler when connected to albumin. The albumin receptors are frequent on the floor of tumour cells which facilitates the binding of drug molecule. Contained in the tumour cell, a tumour particular protein referred to as SPARC binds to the drug. SPARC normally provides the vitamins required for the tumour cells. Thus the administration of Abraxane hinders the availability of vitamins whereas getting successfully delivered on the goal cells.

The drug is constructed on a pure albumin platform devoid of chemical solvents and there may be no need for the concomitant or prior drugs with anti-hypersensitive medication. Abraxane is the drug of alternative in first and second line of remedy in metastatic breast most cancers and is authorised in majority of the nations.


Taxol is an antineoplastic drug utilized in chemotherapy. It’s an alkaloid derived from vegetation and prevents microtubule formation in cells. The drug has confirmed results on breast, ovarian, bladder, prostate, esophageal, lung and melanoma cancers. Not too long ago the drug is discovered to be efficient in Kaposi’s sarcoma.

The drug is solvent based mostly and ought to be rigorously administered since it’s an irritant. The dosage and length of administration of drug is dependent upon the Physique Mass Index and the severity of the illness. Unintended effects are frequent though the signs are both one or two usually. The most typical unwanted side effects embody hair loss, peripheral neuropathy, vomiting, diarrhoea, myalagia, arthralagia, low blood counts and hypersensitivity.

Often the drug requires the administration of medicine for hypersensitivity reactions previous to the chemotherapy.

Difference between Abraxane and Taxol


Abraxane is predicated on albumin as provider car for the supply of the drug. Taxol is chemical or solvent based mostly.

Administration time

Abraxane requires much less time normally half-hour than Taxol. As a result of chemical componenets, Taxol is run rigorously and takes greater than 3 hours for a single administration.


Abraxane is modified with a pure protein albumin and therefore much less susceptible to allergies. This eliminates the necessity for medication equivalent to antihistamines and steroids earlier than the schedule which forestall the prevalence of hypersensitivity.


Though there have been no confirmed research on the distinction in efficacy ranges, usually Abraxane has been discovered to be extra helpful as a consequence of its non poisonous nature and velocity of supply of drug.

Unintended effects

As a consequence of its non toxicity the Abraxane is discovered to have little or no unwanted side effects. Because it doesn’t require premedication, there aren’t any unwanted side effects related to these medication additionally.

Survival time

The effectivity of any anticancer drug is predicated on the rise in longevity or survival time. Abraxane within the current scientific trials has proved to extend the survival of the sufferers by lessening the unfold of cancerous tissues to a substantial extent.

Response fee

The whole treatment or response fee from the medication have been discovered to be increased for Abraxane nearly twice that of Taxol.


Taxol being the primary era drug in chemotherapy and its easy manufacturing is more cost effective than Abraxane

Abraxane when put next with Taxol proves superior in efficacy and supply much less unwanted side effects. The drug is pricey however guarantees the sufferers with a better fee of restoration and longevity in comparison with the opposite chemotherapeutic medication together with Taxol. The results of the drug on different forms of most cancers haven’t been proved, but for the breast and ovarian cancers it’s being more and more prescribed.

There are much less unwanted side effects together with the grade 4 neutropenia and typical muscle and joint ache related to prolonged chemotherapeutic schedules. These benefits could be the causes behind the drug’s means to seize nearly 35 % of the market inside a short while since its introduction. The drug has confirmed results in different cancers additionally together with the lung most cancers.