Difference Between Acne and Pimples

Acne and pimple are skin disease conditions. Acne usually affect the teenagers. Most of the time it is due to hormonal changes which occurs at the adolescent life. Acne can be presents as scaly red skin, sebum collection under the skin ( pin points/ pimples) or nodules. This sebum collection may be infected by various bacteria. Simple acne does not require any specific treatments. Keeping the skin clean will help to control the acne. However if the condition is severe, it may need treatment. Retinoic acids ( a kind of vitamin A) is used to treat the condition.

Pimples is a kind of acne. The sebum (oily secretion) collected under the skin. This protrude out as an elevation. The tip of the pimple may be black or white.Pimples are formed more extensively when the pores of the oil secreting glands are blocked. Pimples also can be infected by the bacteria. Like acne, the mild conditions may not require the treatment, but severe conditions do.

Acne and pimples are common in girls as androgen (a hormone) levels are increased in the adolescent life. Anti androgen preparations were available for treatment. This should be started only by the skin specialist doctor.

Treating the acne/ pimples with retinoic acid will be harmful if the patient is pregnant. These drugs are teratogenic (harm to foetus) .

In summary,

• Both acne and pimples are similar skin disease conditions, usually adolescent age groups are affected with these.

• Acne is more severe condition, and pimples is a mild type of acne.

• Keeping the face clean will help to reduce the severity.

• Both conditions are more distressing to the patient as the facial appearance is severely affected by this condition.