Difference Between Advice and Advise (With Table)

What happens when you have to make a difficult decision? Did you find someone facing similar choices? If that is the case, you will obviously pay attention to them as they tell how to weigh these options. If they make recommendations you should be careful to implement those that may benefit you.

BUT the question arises whether you should thank them for their advice or advise? No wonder advice and advise are used commonly and people do get confused which one to use.

Both advice and advise are used in a single context and are separated by only one letter. However, the letter indicates an important difference to keep in mind when using these terms.

Advice vs Advise

The main difference between Advice and Advise is that advise is used if the focus in your decree is performing a not compulsory action, which essentially requires a verb. Advice is used if your verdict does not have a reference as to the key action, that is one item rather than an achievement.

we should keep in mind that using advice and advise is not the meaning of the
question, but the structure of the sentence. Essentially, you are enquiring
yourself with a question.

character does the advice or advise participate in the verdict? Is it action-verb
or thing-noun?

this guide, we are covering all the essential details for you to understand the
difference between advice and advise, so as you know which word to use where
and is grammatically making sense.


Comparison Table Between Advice and Advise (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of Comparison




Advice meaning is to prompt an opinion or reference as a course of action.

Advise meaning is to express an opinion, or suggestion, or formally provide information

Parts of Speech




In advice, letter “c” sounds like “s”

In advise, letter “s” sounds like “z”


Guidance, direction, help, etc.

Inform, notify, brief, etc.


Deceit, misinformation, betrayal, etc.

Dissuade, prohibit, restrain, etc.


The son carefully listened to his Father’s word of advice

The doctor strongly advised him to do a CT scan for his fractured bone


What is Advice?

meaning is to express an opinion or recommendation as a course of action.

Advice word is a noun. Since this word doesn’t take any action, Advice can also be called as an Uncountable Noun

With uncountable nouns, it means that a sentence can’t have a bit of advice or many pieces of advice.

are some examples where the word advice is used;

  1. Ram’s father gave him advice for his studies
  2. Her brother gave her complete financial advice
  3. I need your advice on which bike to purchase
  4. Do you know how to start this car, please give some advice?
  5. Ramesh would like some advice on his Visa filing.

“Advice” means “worthy recommendation or the opinion”. You provide advice; you will receive advice. Advice may be unwelcome.

In fact, someone may ask you to accept the advice (that is, you “listen to and follow the advice “).

Therefore, it is equally important to also know, that sometimes “advice” means formal or professional advice which is usually given by counselors or lawyers.

Thus, it is required to understand that advice is a noun which means guidance, counsel, help, etc.


What is Advise?

Advise meaning is to express an opinion, or suggestion, or
formally provide information.

Advise word is a verb. So you will find that it performs the recommended action along with the subject of the sentence

are some examples where the word advise is used;

  1. I advise you to leave this room immediately before a fight breaks out.
  2. If you ask, the doctor will advise you on the best practices to get the treatment done.
  3. The landlord strongly advised his tenant to vacate the room.
  4. If this is incorrect, please advise me on the right alternative.
  5. I can’t advise you any longer; it’s time for you now to choose your own path.

is a verb, that implies action. It means “give advice to a lawyer” or
“provide advice.” It is advised that you do not accompany a
disobedient person.

It is advised that you wear a coat before going out in the rain is an example depicting that the verb is used and there is some action performed by the subject.

Thus, advise meaning in one sense is “giving advice”. There is a difference between an action and a thing, hence both advice and advise cannot be used interchangeably.

Main Differences Between Advice and Advise

both these words Advice and Advise are used interchangeably and both these
words are similar-sounding but, there exists a lot of differences between Advice
and Advise when it comes to usage, pronunciation and sentence development.

  1. The term Advice is a noun and the word advise is a verb. the advice can be a thing whereas advise can be an action
  2. The advice can be a thing whereas Advise can be an action
  3. Advice and Advise cannot be used interchangeably.
  4. If you need help, ask someone for advice on that issue. If you can provide help, advise someone on that issue.



It doesn’t matter if you are stuck at using which word will be used while writing i.e. advice or advise.

As various online grammatical tools autocorrect the word as per usage in the paragraph; what matters is that you need to know that which part of speech is required to be used while writing the sentence.

 Deciding on the right word becomes easier if
the fundamentals are properly clear of them.

Thus, it is possible to simply end the conversation by keeping in mind that while using the word advice, it would be always used as a noun and the word advise is always used as a verb.

You don’t have to resolve the delinquent yourself.

You can ask others to properly advise you. If their suggestions are helpful to you, let them know. What should you thank them for you? Now you know the response: Advice!



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