Difference Between Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine

It is an irony that treatment methods or systems of medicine are classified as alternative and conventional medicine. This is because what is termed as alternative medicine is a system of medicine that is rather more ancient and closer to nature than what we call conventional or modern system of medicine (allopath). Alternative medicine was there long before modern medicine made its entry, and in most countries of the world, alternative medicine is fast becoming popular these days because of conventional medicine proving to be inefficacious under certain conditions and diseases. There are many differences between these two systems of medicine, and this article aims to highlight these differences.

What is Alternative Medicine?

In different countries and cultures, there are systems of medicine that have traditionally been followed but slowly faded away because of the extreme prominence given to conventional medicine, which is also the system of medicine followed by the west and later adopted by the entire world. If you are in India, the system of medicine using herbs and other plant sources known as Ayurveda is the alternative medicine. Similarly, there are acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy and many other alternative medicine systems. However, if we talk about the world in general, homoeopath is one alternative medicine that is found being practiced everywhere.

Amazingly, what is referred to as alternative medicine is the real medicine as it is natural and treats ailments in a manner that is tried and trusted over generations. However, this medicine is not scientifically tested, and there is no way to know if the medicine has been researched in the manner that is common with allopath.

What is Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine or modern medicine system is Allopath, which is a treatment method based upon diagnostic test and treat patients based upon symptoms. It is a system of medicine that suppresses the natural immune response of the body and depends upon chemicals, which are injected or administered, to have desired results based upon symptoms shown by a patient. Surgery or physical intervention is the hallmark of this medicine system, which is seen in case of operations and surgeries that are not possible with an alternative system of medicine. This system of medicine is popular in all parts of the world and, in fact, overwhelming majorities of ailments are being treated around the world using this system of medicine. Conventional medicine makes use of high tech diagnostic tests to pinpoint underlying causes of ailment and treatment methods depend upon the results of these tests.


What is the difference between Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine?

• Alternative or complementary medicine is older than conventional medicine.

• Alternative medicine is more cost effective than conventional medicine.

• Alternative medicine is natural while modern medicine uses chemicals that cause side effects while suppressing symptoms of an ailment.

• Modern medicine takes help of high tech diagnostic tools while alternative medicine does not depend upon these tests and tools.

• Surgery and operations are the hallmark of modern medicine while there is none in alternative medicine.

• In accidents, emergencies and trauma, it is modern medicine that is certainly more effective. On the other hand, alternative medicine is efficacious in treating old ailments and light diseases.

• Modern medicine treats based on symptoms while alternative medicine tries to remove the root cause of the ailment.