Difference Between AMOLED and SLCD (super LCD) Display

AMOLED vs SLCD (super LCD) Display

When people say that display size and quality is the most important thing in a mobile phone, it is hard to argue with them as display is what is noticed first. There has been continuous development in display technology in the last decade or so, and smartphones today have a technologically better display than earlier mobile phones. Two of the most popular display techniques are AMOLED and SLCD (super LCD) these days and widely used by various smartphone makers. Though it is difficult to differentiate between the two technologies at first glance of a screen, they have their own features and pros and cons which will be highlighted in this article.


AMOLED stands for active matrix organic light emitting diode and are a technology patented by Samsung Electronics. Organic compounds contained in a thin film act as electroluminescent materials and active matrix is the way individual pixels are arranged. This is a technology that consumes very less power and so has been preferred by many smartphone makers as any power saved in mobile devices is always welcome. AMOLED is also being used in large screen TV’s and is giving stiff competition to other display methods. AMOLED screens also benefit from a higher refresh rates. The only drawback with AMOLED is that the organic compounds used for lighting effect do not have a long life.  However, there are technologies to compensate for the degradation of organic compounds. The images in an AMOLED screen are very bright and have vivid colors.


SLCD stands for super LCD technology and is an up gradation of the erstwhile LCD screens. This method of display is also very power efficient and is in fact superior to AMOLED where there is a high proportion of white pixels on the screen. This is because of better power management. SLCD is a dependable technique as it has been developed from IPS LCD technology that has already become mature.

Difference between AMOLED and SLCD

While both display technologies are efficient with colors and brightness, it is SLCD that scores over AMOLED in very sunny conditions. However, in terms of vibrancy and brilliance, AMOLED beats SLCD. SLCD gives warmer color tones and has better color definitions than AMOLED. It then boils down to users choice as to which technology they prefer.