Difference Between Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga

* The Ashtanga and the Hatha Yoga differs of their focusing parts; Ashtanga is concentrated extra on the stability between the respiratory and the bodily posture, Hatha focuses extra on mediation and bodily energy of the physique.

Yoga has turn into an adopted way of life by many who got here from Indian roots and has tinges of most cultures in it, particularly the Hindu Tradition and Buddhism. Yoga entails the idea of thoughts, physique and soul the place all are aligned. And meditation and a managed respiratory is required to tune out any disruptions within the atmosphere round us. Nonetheless, a layman might not know, however Yoga has totally different sorts and all obtain to strengthen a special a part of the anatomy. Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga are two such varieties.

Ashtanga Yoga

In contrast to many different types of yoga current, Ashtanga yoga focuses extra on the time that’s spent in a single posture. Managed inhaling yoga is important and much more so in Ashtanga yoga since holding a posture for a number of seconds requires good respiratory. The Ashtanga subsequently generates warmth in an individual’s physique which ends up in higher blood circulation. Not solely does flexibility enhance whereas doing yoga, the Ashtanga technique seeks to additionally strengthen the muscle tissues and the tendons.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is extensively practiced on the planet today and has its roots in fifteenth Century Hindu tradition. Hatha yoga focuses extra on the meditative facet of the train, since meditation is required to tune out the world and develop postures that may assist strengthen the physique. This brings the right stability between the thoughts and physique because the particular person goes right into a rest mode mentally and bodily strengthens their stability which helps with the general bodily well being of the particular person.

Difference between Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga

The main distinction lies within the focusing parts of each Ashtanga and Hatha. The place Ashtanga seeks to convey a stability between the respiratory and the bodily posture of an individual, the Hatha focuses on mediation and bodily energy of the physique.

The Ashtanga yoga type can also be a extra intense type of yoga since it’s primarily based on sequential steps that require fixed change of posture whereas inhaling an everyday method. That is tough since altering postures requires lots of heavy respiratory that will increase the guts charge and subsequently the circulation of blood within the physique. The managed respiratory is subsequently important. Hatha Yoga alternatively is extra gradual paced in contrast to the Ashtanga and subsequently controlling respiratory on this type is comparatively straightforward and holding the guts charge fixed or gradual can also be attainable. A great mediation will assist obtain the specified leads to Hatha as postures should be saved for lengthy and lots of focus is required.


There are lots of different types of yoga equivalent to the ability yoga and Iyenger yoga; it’s nevertheless as much as the bodily energy and the willpower of an individual to decide on their type. The Ashtanga and the Hatha are the 2 hottest on the planet due to their distinction; nevertheless, the outcomes achieved by each are related. For somebody simply beginning out yoga, it’s higher to check out all choices to see the place your energy lies.