Difference Between Bada 1.0 and Bada 1.0.2

Bada is a mobile operating system developed by Samsung electronics for use on mobile phones and low end smart phones. “bada” in Korean means ocean. The motive behind its development was to cover the range from lower end feature phones to high end smart phones. Basically it is a platform with a kernel configurable architecture, which allows the use of either a proprietary real time operating system(RTOS) kernel, or the linux kernel. It also provides various user interaction controls to developers; for example it provides assorted user interface controls such as listbox, tab and colour picker. It has a web browser control based on the open-source web kit and features Adobe flash, supporting Flash 9. Both the Web Kit and Flash can be embedded inside native Bada applications. Native applications are developed using c++ programming language using the Bada software development kit and the eclipse based integrated development environment. The first phone by Samsung, running the Bada platform was wave S8500. It is a touch screen phone powered by the Samsung “Hummingbird” CPU (S5PC110), which includes a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and a built-in power VR SGX 3D graphics engine, “Super AMOLED” screen and 720p high-def video capabilities.

Bada introduces various latest service-centric capabilities that differentiate it from the conventional mobile operating systems. These new features include social networking, content management, location-based services, and commerce services, all supported by back-end bada servers.

Bada provides user interaction modalities including motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, and face detection. These interfaces open up new possibilities for greater creativity and user interactivity in developing applications. It also provides a mechanism to develop sensor-based, context-aware applications. With weather service and sensors such as acceleration, magnetic, tilt, GPS, and proximity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware, interactive applications.

Bada Versions

Initially bada 1.0 was launched and after some time bada 1.0.2 was launched with some improvements. The next release was bada 1.2 and the latest version i.e alpha version is bada 2.0 which was introduced in feburary 2011.

Difference between bada 1.0 and bada 1.0.2

bada 1.0 is the basic and first version of this operating system and bada 1.0.2 is the next version with some improvements in its predecessor especially for the European users. The former supports about 35 languages and the latter supports more number of languages. bada 1.0.2 have the ability to set different tones for email and sms messages. Moreover the newer version supports high end external music devices. The user interface is having a better response, the browser works faster and smoothly in bada 1.0.2. Also it automatically adjusts the size of background picture to screen fit. There are not too many changes in this newer version but still there are some very significant improvements. The newer versions such as bada 1.2 and bada 2.0 has evolved as much better operating systems for Samsung mobiles. bada 2.0 has all the latest features of the mobile OS including NFC.