Difference Between Birth Control Methods

The new name for the birth control method is family planning methods. There are lots of method available, They can be chosen as required by the couples. The natural methods are coitus interruptus (interrupt the act and ejaculate the semen outside) safe cycle method ( sex during the unfertile period). These methods are simple to practice but the failure rate is high, so they are unreliable.

Other methods can be classified as permanent methods and temporary methods. The female sterilization (ligating and cutting the both fallopian tubes) is commonly practiced. Vasectomy is the permanent sterilization of male. Here the vas difference tube is ligated. So the semen does not contain sperms.

The temporary methods may vary in effective duration. The combined oral contraceptive pills can be used for a shorter period (however this one can be used for long time use also). The IUCD is a device inserted into the uterus, this can be used for 7 to 10 years. The hormonal implants also can be used (the implanin, Jadale) for 5 year duration.

DMPA is a deport injection given every three month to prevent ovulation. This is also effective and can be used even in lactating period. During breast feeding the hormone oestrogen cannot be used as contraceptive hormone. This will reduce the breast milk in quality and quantity. So progesterone only pill (mini Pill) or progesterone implants can be used.

For unexpected unprotected sexual exposure, the emergency pill can be used with in 72 hours. These pills also having progesterone. However emergency pill failure rate also considerably high and it is not useful after 72 hours from the sexual act.

Male and female condoms are available. They are acting as contraception as well as prevents the sexual diseases such as AIDS.

In summary,

– There are different types of birth control methods available.

– Natural methods are used from ancient time, but they are not reliable methods.

– Hormonal methods are used for short term as well as long term as temporary contraceptive methods.

– Oestrogen cannot be used in breast feeding mothers.

– The barrier methods (condoms) prevents the sexual transmitting diseases also.