Difference Between Bleeding in between periods and Bleeding in periods

Bleeding in between periods and Bleeding in periods are issues for women. Females during their reproductive period experience menstrual bleeding. Reproductive period is defined as from the time of menarche to menopause. Menarche is is first menses a girl experiences. Menopause is stopping of menses. Usually the menses occurs every 28 days. It may be vary from 21 to 35 days. The menses is basically the bleeding per vagina which occur in a cyclical manner. The inter menstrual spotting may be normal in the mid cycle.

The menstrual cycle is under hormone control. The pulses of GnRH hormone from Hypothalamus stimulate the anterior pituitary. The pituitary secretes the LH and FSH hormones. FSH will stimulate the ovary and make the follicles. LH will help to rupture the follicle and release the egg (ovum). The progesterone and oestrogen are increased during this cycle. progesterone will keep the uterine endometrium with out shedding. If progesterone level falls, the menses will occur.

Spotting is small amount of blood appearing per vagina. It is a danger sign if it is after the menopause. Post menopausal spotting should be screened for cervical or endometrial cancer. But in small age in the middle of the menstrual cycle (14th or 15th day) or after sexual act it may be normal.

Usual menstrual blood will not clot. However in heavy periods the menstrual blood will have clots.

Presence of altered blood should be shown to a doctor. brownish discharge or smelly discharge willl be a danger sign for a disease.

In summary

• Spotting and menses are per vaginal bleeding

• Spotting is small in amount and not cyclical.

• Menses is usually about 80 ml of blood loss.

• Altered colour in spotted blood should be investigated. Spotting after the menopause also a danger sign.

• Mid cycle spotting is normal usually due to hormaonal imbalance.