Difference Between Book Value and Market Value (With Table)

In the field of business and share markets, two things come into the limelight. The first one is the book value, and the second is the market value. Both these terms are used to determine the amount of profit or gain associated with a particular product. The book value of something means the price of something as per the cost of things used to make it. On the other hand, the market value of something means the amount of cash or money a product can generate upon being sold to the public. Both of these differ in many parameters.

The second type of approach is the market approach that includes within it the PCC and the precedent transactions. This is a fundamental method by which the value of an asset can be calculated.

Main Differences Between Book Value and Market Value

  1. The book value of something means the actual value of that thing, which depends upon the number of assets associated with it. A market value, on the other hand, is the value of an item upon being sold at a market. 
  2. The book value is mostly lower than the mv. However, the market value is mostly higher than the bid. 
  3. There is no factor of competition in the book value of something, whereas In determining the market value, there is a massive amount of competition. 
  4. The book value is exclusive of any reduction or interest. At the same time, the market value includes everything along with the extra profit. 
  5. The formula of book value is total assets minus liabilities. Whereas formula for market value is the price of something multiplied by its number, be it commodity or shares.


Share marketing and businesses have become a vital profession. If someone wants to get into any one of these, they should have proper knowledge regarding the various terms associated with them. Many people consider it to be a somewhat risky form of investment. But if sone with an appropriate mind, it will help to generate a tremendous amount of profit. 

The two terms, namely the book value and the market value, are critical in determining the worth of a particular asset. Though both of them differ within specific parameters, such as their definition, Inclusiveness, and function, their importance is still immense today.


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