Difference Between Broker and Trader (With Table)

Brokers and Traders are very important in today’s digital world. Without a broker, investing in stocks is not considered a good idea. We can choose them based on our convenience. It is not always important to choose a full-time broker for our work. We can even choose a part-time broker as well. Trading in the stock market field has become very popular because of its fewer disadvantages.

Broker vs Trader

The main difference between a Broker and a Trader is that a person who acts as an intermediate between a trader and a stock exchange is known as a broker. A person who buys and sells stocks is called a trader. A broker can be divided into two types. Whereas a trader can be divided into three types. The advantage of brokers is that they have direct contact with the clients. This is not possible with traders. 

A simple definition of a broker is a person who buys and sells things for other people. A stockbroker is one of the good career choices. They can become very successful with a limited period after entering the field if they have good knowledge about how these systems work. One of the advantages is that you can get a good amount of base salary just by getting commissions and money from investors. 

Trading is a good career if you have better strategies. But if you are not focused and don’t know the plans, then it can become stressful for you because you might lose money in that process. To avoid this, you should first introspect the kind of trader you are. Then you can enter into that field. Both online trading and offline trading are safe. You should have the potential to understand and work on them. 

Comparison Table Between Broker and Trader

Parameters of Comparison




They won’t work under big companies. Instead, they work under clients.

They work under the biggest investment company.


They have to write an exam

They don’t have to write any exams

Selling securities

They sell securities based on clients wishes

They can sell securities based on their wishes




Client contact

They have direct contact with clients

They don’t have direct contact with clients

What is Broker?

A broker is a person who will buy and sell goods for others. They create and maintain relationships with others. They perform administrative tasks and make administrative sales. They manage business across various sectors such as real estate, finance, insurance, investment, and banking industries. A simple example for a broker is when you hire a person to buy a stock for you, then it is called a broker. They are called middlemen between two parties. 

If you are going to invest in stocks or going to buy those stocks, then you need a broker. They have a specific license which makes trading easier with lots of security. But you can decide whether you want a full-time broker or a part-time broker, depending on your service. Brokers are earning a lot nowadays. It is one of the demanding jobs as well. The average salary is very high. Brokers make their money by charging commissions and collecting money from their investors. 

But before entering this field, they should understand how the commission and investors fee are working in that sector. Without having knowledge about them, they might fail in their work. To become a broker, you need to pass the real estate agent exam and then get certifications on these exams. You need to work as a real estate agent under some people. Then, you can start your own broker job. There are two types of brokers available. 

What is Trader?

A trader is a person who buys and sells financial instruments. They mainly buy and sell cryptocurrencies, bonds, and mutual funds. They can sell these things either for themselves or for a person, or for a group of institutions. They use economic data and trends. Based on that, they can predict success or failure. There are 3 types of traders available. They are fundamental traders, market timers, and noise traders.

Each of them will have different strategies, procedures, and methods. Before starting trading, people should understand their style so that they can make better decisions. A person can start trading with 4 simple steps. The first step is you need to find an online stockbroker. Then, you need to open a Demat and trading account. The third step is to log in to your account and add money. The final step is viewing the stock details and beginning the trading.

For becoming a trader, you don’t have to write any specific exams. You should have enough money. Understanding the strategies, securities, risks, and creating a strategy for yourself. For managing stress while trading, traders will do exercise and keep themselves positive. You need to take a brief walk in the evening sessions to maintain your sanity. For getting successful, patience is very important. Making trading in stocks is considered to be very safe as it has only fewer downsides. 

Main Differences Between Broker and Trader

  1. For becoming a broker, a person should write an exam. On the other hand, a trader need not write any specific exam.
  2. Brokers will not work under big companies; they deal with clients. On the other hand, traders will work under the bigger investment company.
  3. Brokers can sell securities based on their client’s wishes. On the other hand, traders can sell securities on their wishes.
  4. Brokers are divided into 2 types. On the other hand, traders are divided into 3 types.
  5. Brokers used to have direct contact with the clients. On the other hand, traders don’t have direct contact with the clients. 


Both broker and trader are good career options. But before jumping into these career fields, they should understand the strategies, risks involved, and plans. Without having a good knowledge of what happens in that world, they might lose their money. A successful broker and trader can earn a lot. For becoming a broker, one should write exams and get certifications in that field.

Then they should work under some person who does that work. So, that they can learn from them about the work and the way to proceed. But for trading, a person need not write any separate exam. They can simply start their trading business. Many trading platforms are also available nowadays. People can choose the one that is convenient for them. 


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