Difference Between CBD and Indica (With Table)

CBD and Indica are sources of medicinal drugs that provide a proper drug formula that helps in curing many diseases and physical discomforts. They are considered cannabinoid-related as they produce cannabis.

Their growth has been stimulated as their presence in the medicinal world has surprised everyone. A plant that is used for the production of recreational drugs is now used to cure illness.

CBD vs Indica

The main difference between CBD and Indica is that while Indica is a plant from which many compounds of medicinal as well as nourishment values could be derived, CBD is just a single and unique compound used as a medical drug to treat patients and help them cure illness. Indica also gives CBD from its latex or leaves which has to be extracted for use.

CBD is a drug derived from the species present in the Cannabis genus. They are used by many people for varying reasons. Most commonly used as a medicinal drug, people at times tend to take them as a recreational drug even though its effects are barely higher than a pinch of regular recreational drug.

Indica is a species of the genus Cannabis and contains almost all the drugs commonly extracted from the regular Cannabis species Sativa. This plant has slight variations from the Sativa species based on the percentage of compound present in it. This means the number of drugs in the plant’s latex, roots, and leaves.

Comparison Table Between CBD and Indica

Parameters of Comparison



A Plant Species of Cannabis



Fragrance Obtained


Yes, from compounds extracted

Chemical Structures Present


Many as it has multiple compounds within it

Can Produce Essential Oils



Help in Counterattacking THC



What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a drug derived from the Cannabis plant irrespective of the plant species.

This chemical compound that is found in the compound tissues of plants such as hemp or the common drug marijuana is used for medical purposes.

If people try to take CBD for recreational purposes and try to get high, they are not going to achieve their goal.

This is because the percentage composition of the part that makes people lose balance and talk abnormal is low in CBD.

But on the other hand, CBD has got greater quantity of elements that are helpful in the medicinal field.

And over the years, as scientists are discovering its values, CBD is slowly gaining momentum among the medical fraternity.

Due to its highly versatile nature, it proves to be effective in treating many diseases or at least helps reduce symptoms of greater affective illnesses.

Pain during labor or after a heart surgery along with epilepsy is among the many diseases that CBD help reduce or even cure.

Drugs that are also obtained from any cannabis plant and make people high can be countered by CBD.

The symptoms of being high on other drugs include anxiety or paranoia or even heavy happiness.

The reason CBD is effective for humans as a medicine is because it also binds to the cannabinoid receptors in the body just like hyperactive cannabinoids.

After binding to the receptors they provide medicinal relief to people.

What is Indica?

Indica is a species of plant that falls under the cannabis genus.

CBD has enough strength to counterattack the effects produced by many other psychoactive drugs that are produced by the cannabis plant.

Both are therefore drug-related and have a high position in the eyes of medical professionals due to their values.

CBD is known to cure many diseases and lower the symptoms of plenty of major illnesses.

Irrespective of the source, their role among medicines can’t be unseen. 


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