Difference Between CD Duplication and Replication

CD duplication and CD replication look like same processes, and for this reason many remain confused as replication is what duplication is, right? But they are different from each other though serving the same purpose of producing copies of a CD. If you are new, emerging band, and wish to release bulk copies of your music, you can go for either of the two processes. However, it is better to have a look at both processes to decide on either CD replication of CD duplication depending upon your requirements and budget.

What is CD Duplication?

You must have burned CD’s before using CD burning programs. There is much software to extract data from an original CD to write them on a blank CD. To make limited number of copies, CD duplication at home is easy and fast method. CD duplication at home costs nothing if you have burning software installed in your PC and is quite fast too. There are even professional CD duplication services that use laser technology to make copies of your CD in a fast and efficient manner. While at home, you can make only one copy at a time, professional CD duplication means creating hundreds of copies at the same instant using towers that have several trays containing blank CD’s and are linked to each other.

What is CD Replication?

On the other hand, CD replication is an altogether different process where a glass master of the original CD is made. This glass master later stamps the data on blank CDs. Blank CDs are printed and lacquered with ultraviolet rays for better protection. Stampers make exact clones of the original CD and even printing for labels is done to make the copies look authentic. CD replication is a much more professional way to get copies of your CD made and they are better sounding also.

Though CD replication is somewhat expensive, the cost goes down as the number of copies required goes up. Thus if number of copies requires is in thousands, you may actually save a lot and get highly professional looking copies of your CD made through CD replication. This means that if the requirement is for less than a thousand copies, it is better to stick with CD duplication. Another point to note is that if you want copies urgently, CD duplication again comes to your rescue as CD replication may take at least week to make the copies whereas CD duplication may get the copies made in 2-3 days.

In brief:

CD duplication vs CD replication

• CD duplication and CD replication are different procedures to make copies of an original CD.

• While duplication is similar to the burning to make copies that you can even do at home using burning software, replication is a different process that makes original copies that are better in quality with artwork in the form of labels.

• It is better to go for duplication if number of copies requires is low, but if you desire thousands of copies, replication is ideal.