Difference Between Cesarean Delivery and Normal Delivery

Cesarean delivery and normal delivery are two ways delivering the baby. Human reproduction starts with the fertilization of ovum by sperm in the Fallopian tube. This fertilized ovum moved to uterus and implanted there. The pregnancy period is calculated from the Last mensuration period. Usually 40 weeks (280 days) considered as intra uterine life. when the foetus is matured, this will be delivered.

Normal Vaginal delivery is child birth via female birth canal. The uterus which kept the foetus will expel the baby through the vagina. This is called labour. Labour may start from the 37th week to 42 week. In the labour the uterine muscles contacts, the neck of the uterus (cervix) will open and dilate upto 10 cm. The baby will be delivered through vagina.

If a mother cannot deliver the baby by normal vaginal delivery, the caesarian section will be offered. In the operation, the uterus is cut to open and deliver the baby through the surgical opening. The uterus will be sutured after the delivery of the baby and the placenta. The caesarean section can be elective, if a mother diagnosed early that she cannot deliver the baby by normal delivery. The reasons may be big baby, small pelvis of the mother, lower lying placenta etc.

The emergency caesarean section will be done if a mother or baby or both at risk. After onset of labour, if caesarean section performed, it is also considered as emergency caesarean section. Other indications for emergency caesarean sections are sudden separation of placenta before the delivery of the baby (placental abruption) foetel distress, or maternal distress.

In summary,

> Both normal vaginal delivery and caesarean section are delivery of the babies.

> Normal delivery is through the mother’s birth canal, but caesarean section through the surgery which through the abdomen.

> Normal delivery is preferred over caesarean section as normal vaginal delivery has lot of advantages.

> In the case of difficulty to deliver normally, the caesarean section will be offered.

> Caesarian section can be elective (planned early) or emergency in nature.