Difference Between Chemo and Radiation

Chemo and Radiation are two types of treatments for people suffering from cancer. Chemo is a treatment which is used on different stage of cancer disease. Chemo is used in medical sciences for treatment of solid tumors which effect different types of organs like bowel and breast etc. Chemo treatment is also used in assistance with other treatments such as radiation treatment. Chemo treatment is done for different purposes such as shrinking tumor for its easy removal. It can be given after surgery has been completed to ensure complete removal of cancer cells from an individual’s body. Chemo is used for shrinking effects of cancer tumor that have spread to different organs of the body. Chemo treatment is also carried out at time when radio treatment is carried out in order to speed up treatment process.

Radiation is another type of treatment for cancer which kills cells that are responsible for caner with the use of radiations. These radiations help in shrinking tumors and killing cancerous cells. Different types of radiations used for treatment are Gamma or X-Rays or charged particles. Radiation treatment is carried out with internal or external treatment procedure in which radiation is provided from outside the body or within the body respectively. 50 percent of patients of cancer in the world receive radiation treatment at some stage. Radiation treatment is used to shrink tumors which to avoid them from spreading in other parts of the body. Radiations are also given to tumors which are growing in some bone and are resulting in pain to the patient. This type of treatment is also involved when person’s ability to drink and eat is being affected.

Radiation and Chemo are two effective treatments that are performed to cure thousands of cases of cancer worldwide. These are also, at times, used to reduce the size of cancerous cells to allow patient to live longer in case complete treatment isn’t possible. These treatments seem similar in their effects but are different in a number of ways. Chemo treatment makes use of bloodstream to blow out the cells of caner. However, Chemo treatment can sometimes destroy other types of cells as they can not be focused on cancer cells only and can result in damaging other cells which are not cancerous. In Chemo, DNA of a cell is damaged causing it not to redevelop it. On the other hand, radiation can be focused on cancer cells only making it better treatment as compared to Chemo treatment. Radiation is used for removal of cancerous cells and for shrinking tumors. The Chemo type of treatment is used to treat lymphoma, mveloma, and leukemia as well as cancers in ovaries, lungs or breast. Therapy with radiations is focused on solid tumors only allowing them to be used in spine and skin treatment as well as for curing the cases of breast cancer. Chemotherapy involves use of medicines for cancer treatment. On the other hand radiations involve usage of radiation that can have effects on body at a later stage. Additional side effects can be seen such as inflammation through radiation while chemo treatment doesn’t have this effect.