Difference Between Click and Clique (With Table)

The words click and clique belong to two different parts of speech. These words are pronounceable in the same manner. They are homophones as the meaning of these terms differs. The word click is an action used while using electronic gadgets. The word clique is a collective noun.

Click vs Clique

The main differences between the terms click and clique is that click is a verb. On the other hand, the word clique is a noun. The word click in technical terms means to tap on a digital screen. The term clique refers to a very small group of people.

The word click can be useful as a noun and a verb. It is a common word used to denote the action of tapping on a touch-screen. The word click has multiple definitions as well in different contexts. The verb can also be used to show two people connecting.

The word clique is a noun used to signify a group of people. A word clique is a social group that does not like the entry of new people into their group. The people in the group share common interests. The relations in a clique are highly personal and informal.

Comparison Table Between Click and Clique

Parameters of Comparison



Origin Language

The word originated from the East Frisian language.

The word originated from the French language.

Part of speech

It is a verb and a noun.

It is a noun.

Type of concept

It is a technological or literary concept.

It is a sociological concept. 

The term is used to signify

A sharp sound or a tapping action.

A narrow and informal social group.

Type of Noun

It is a common noun

It is a collective noun.

What is Click?

The word click has multiple definitions. The term can be used as a noun as well as a verb. The noun click is definable as a short sound that one hears when something shuts. It is a short but sharp sound. It is also a phonetic sound made by sucking the air while using the tongue.

A lot of languages have dominant clicking in their accent. Numerous words are pronounceable using the tongue to produce a clicking sound. The native African and tribal languages have words with a clicking sound.

The verb click has multiple meanings too. In technological terms, the word click means to touch a digital screen of a computer, phone, laptop, or tablet. The verb click also means to press the buttons on a mouse or other electric gadgets.
The word click is also used to show a connection between two people in a literary context. For example, The two strangers instantly clicked with each other. The phrase clicking with someone is useful in showing the development of a good bond.

The word click is also used in a different phrase. For example, It suddenly clicked to me that I forgot my phone. This sentence uses the verb click to denote a sudden realization or understanding.

What is Clique?

The word clique is a collective noun. The basic definition of the word is a small and close group of people. The people in the group share similar interests. They share common ideologies, liking, theories, and ideas. It is a close-knit group of people.

These groups often form easily and are highly exclusive. The members of a clique do not encourage the entry of new members into their close circle. The entrance of a new person will depend on the decision of the group members. Cliques are formed among all ages. The most common examples are high school cliques, cliques of colleagues, sports group cliques, and cliques among peers.

A clique is a sociological concept that falls under the category of groups. A clique is highly informal and direct. Numerous other social groups are formed. However, there is a prime difference between a clique and other social groups. A clique does not encourage the entry of new members.

A clique is formed due to certain common connections, daily common routines, and close residences. The word clique is not an English word. It originates from the French verb cliquer. It later transformed to the word claque and clique. The adjective formed through this word is cliquish which means an excluding and isolating behavior of a person.

Main Differences Between Click and Clique

  1. The word click is used to signify a sound and a pressing action, whereas the word clique is a social and narrow informal group.
  2. The word click is a verb and a noun, whereas the word clique is only used as a noun.
  3. The word click is a technological and literary concept, whereas the word clique is a sociological and collective concept.
  4. The term click originated from the verb ‘klikken’ of the East Frisian language, whereas the origin of the word clique is the French verb cliquer.
  5. The word click is used as a common noun, whereas the word clique is used as a collective noun.


The words click and clique are Homophones. These words have a similar pronunciation but a different meaning. Both of these words are used in different contexts.
Both of these terms are pronounced phonetically as kl-ik. The sounds of both these words are short and precise. The meanings of both these terms are completely different.

Click is a verb and a noun. It is useful in signifying a short sound similar to the snapping of fingers. The verb click means to tap lightly on a screen. It can also refer to pressing a button. The verb clicking also means connecting instantly with a person. The sudden realization or insight is also known as clicking. In daily life, we use click to denote clicking pictures.

The word clique is a small social group. The social members disapprove of new members entering the group. The connection among people is direct and face-to-face.


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