Difference Between Colitis and Ulcerative Colitis

Colitis is the inflammation of the colon. Colon means the large intestine. In other words, colitis is inflammation of large intestine. Causes for colitis are multiple, it can be due to infections, idiopathic( unknown reasons), iatrogenic (due to doctors interventions) or auto immune. The auto immune colitis includes the ULCERATIVE COLITIS.

Colon is a muscular tube which is lined by epithelium. The main function of the colon is to absorb the water. Some vitamins (vitamin K) are absorbed in the colon. Colon has bacteria which are named as bowel flora. They help the human in various ways. The inflammation of the colon will affect the functions of the colon. Inflammation causes pain. The patient will complain stomach pain, loss of weight and blood in the stools. The colonoscopic examination will reveal the red colour mucosa (the inner line of the colon) and the ulcers.

The colonic bacteria will invade and do harm if the epithelium is breeched. They may enter blood stream and cause septicaemia in colitis.

The ulcerative colitis usually starts from the rectum. The genetic factor plays a role in ulcerative colitis. The immune system will excessively react with the normal harmless substances and causes inflammation. As this is an auto immune disease, other systems also involves in the disease progress.

Ulcerative colitis is a risk factor for colonic cancer.

In brief:

– Colitis is inflammation of the colon.The causes are infections, radiation or auto immune.

– Ulcerative colitis is an auto immune type of colitis.

– Ulcerative colitis is a known risk factor for cancer of large intestine.

– Smoking is a protective factor for ulcerative colitis.