Difference Between Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

Endoscope is a reputation for the frequent gadgets which have a lightweight supply and assist to visualise the organ/ physique cavity. When it’s used to visualise the abdomen and early a part of gut, it’s named as higher GI endoscope. Nevertheless, now individuals use the phrase endoscope for Higher GI endoscope. If an endoscope used to see the lung tubes, then it’s named as bronchoscope. When it’s designed to see the throat it’s named as laryngoscope. When used to see the colon (the massive gut) it’s named as colonoscope. When it’s designed to see the uterus, then it’s named as hyterescope. When used to see the stomach in a surgical procedure, it named as laparoscope.

Earlier endoscopes have been inflexible steel tubes. Attributable to that tissue damages have been excessive and the gap of visualisation was much less. With the fibre optic gentle supply, the versatile endoscopes got here to play. Now virtually all endoscopes are versatile endoscopes. The essential construction of an endoscope is a digicam on the finish of a tube with a lightweight supply and a biopsy needle that can assist to take the tissue samples.

Endoscopy is the process to visualise the meals canal utilizing endoscope. The higher GI endoscopy is now generally referred as Endoscopy. On this process, the affected person will swallow the endoscope and the digicam will present the wall of the oesophagus, abdomen and duodenum (part of small gut). Peptic ulcers and cancers might be visualised straight and if wanted the tissue samples additionally might be taken. Endoscopes cut back the necessity of open surgical procedures to take biopsy. For higher GI endoscope, normally no particular preparation is required. The affected person can return residence instantly after the process.

Colonoscope is used to visualise massive gut. This process known as as colonoscopy and colonoscope can be inserted from the anus. As we all know, massive bowel might have faecal matter. So bowel cleansing could also be wanted previous to colonoscopy. However affected person might be despatched residence after the process.

In abstract,

  • Each endoscopy and colonoscopy are the procedures to visualise the gastro intestinal path (Meals canal).
  • The variations are endoscopy can be inserted from the mouth; colonoscopy can be inserted from the anus.
  • In contrast to in colonoscopy, bowel preparation shouldn’t be wanted to do the endoscopy.