Difference Between Coyote and Fox (With Table)

Coyotes and Foxes are animals that belong to the same family, Canidae. Both of them are similar as far as their physical appearance is considered. Coyotes are wild animals that are mostly found in Northern America. It has the advantage of adapting anywhere. Foxes are omnivorous animals found on six continents.

Coyote vs Fox

The main difference between Coyotes and Foxes is that Coyotes are larger animals than foxes and weigh up to 50 pounds. Foxes are smaller animals while compared to Coyotes. They weigh up to 25 pounds. Coyotes have triangular ears while foxes always keep their ears upright.

Coyotes are animals that are found in North America and are now expanding themselves to parts of Mexico. They are similar to foxes because of the structure and appearance. They are smaller than both the eastern and red wolf. It is also called the American Jackal. They are found abundantly and hence no threat of extinction is found.

Foxes are animals that are found both in the wild and in the countryside. Twelve species are identified as true foxes. Red foxes are the most commonly found species. The animal is a predator and is very cunning while catching its prey. The animal has been found many years ago and hence is a part of folklore over the world.


Comparison Table Between Coyote and Fox (in Tabular Form)

Parameters of Comparison




Coyotes are large animals weighing up to 50 pounds and have triangular ears.

Foxes are medium-sized animals that weigh up to 25 pounds and have upright ears.


Coyotes can kill up to medium-sized animals such as deer and can also feed upon snakes.

Foxes are themselves small and hence eat rabbits and other small animals.

Social appearance

Coyotes are found individually.

Foxes are found in packs.

Period of appearance

Coyotes like to hunt in the daylight. They roam around the jungle through the day.

Foxes hunt at the night. They are found sleeping in the daytime.

Gestation period

They have a gestation period of 50 days.

They have a gestation period of 60 days.


What is Coyote?

Coyotes are very large animals that are found in the Northern parts of America. They are similar to animals in the case of adaptation. The environment is not a problem for them. They weigh about 50 pounds and hence they have a huge appetite. They feed on a variety of animals ranging from deer to snakes and other reptiles.

Coyotes and Foxes are not found together. This is because of the diet they follow. Coyotes weigh twice as that of foxes and hence coyotes can also feed upon foxes. They also eat small animals like rabbits and birds like duck. So when both of them live together, there would be a shortage of food which is harmful to both of them.

There are lots of species of coyotes that are found living. So there is no risk of them being endangered. They are also listed as the animals which are of least concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  Nineteen subspecies of coyotes are presently found.

Both males and females weigh similarly but in most of the cases, the male is slightly dominant than the female. The physical appearances of coyotes vary according to the environment and habitat that they are in.  Their fur colors vary from grey to red. It is an interesting fact that coyotes mate with wolves to produce their hybrid offsprings. The offspring is called as coywolf. So the genes of North American wolves are mixed with that of coyotes.


What is Fox?

Foxes are medium-sized omnivorous wild animals. They are mostly seen in thick forests and places where human interactions are low. They weigh up to 25 pounds. They feed upon both meat and twigs. These are not human friendly and need to be avoided by humans to escape from danger. They are found in all continents except Antarctica.

There are many classifications when it comes to true foxes. Moreover, many species that can be added to this category are extinct. The red foxes are the ones who are found in many parts of the world. Bat-eared fox, gray fox, and island foxes are some of the other widely found varieties. Earlier, people used to hunt foxes and it was counted as a heroic activity.

Their appearance varies according to the species to which they belong. Their physique consists of tail, upright ears and they are known for their cunning nature. Foxes can also be seen in deserts for which they have adapted. Adaptation is an advantageous quality of them. Also, some of them are found in the poles.

The lifespan of a fox ranges from three to ten years. They are known for their predatory skills. They feed upon rabbits, snakes, and also vegetarian foods. An interesting fact about foxes is that foxes bury the excess food that they have captured and use it later. Their teeth are very sharp and the prey gets easily killed by them.

Main Differences Between Coyote and Fox

  1. Coyotes have a heavy body and have triangular ears. Foxes are medium-sized animals with upright ears.
  2. Coyotes can kill medium-sized animals and also feed upon insects and birds. Foxes can eat smaller animals than them, like rabbits. They also eat vegetarian foods.
  3. Coyotes are always seen individually while foxes live in packs.
  4. Coyotes hunt their prey in the daytime. Foxes are nocturnal animals and hunt their prey at night.
  5. Coyotes have a gestation period of 50 days while foxes carry their younger ones for 60 days.



The coyotes are animals that have huge size when compared to domestic animals. They fall into the category of wild animals that live individually. Coyotes try to hunt their prey during the daytime. They are well known for their adaptation features. They are mostly found in the North American region and are expanding to nearby countries.

Foxes are animals that can adapt to any atmosphere. They are smaller to coyotes and hence they do not feed upon large animals. Foxes are found in many parts of the world, except the Antarctican poles. They are omnivorous and eat anything edible. Foxes are mostly considered as wild and are difficult to tame.