Difference Between CT scan and MRI scan

CT is the abbreviation of Computed Tomography. In CT scan X-ray beams are used to take picture movies. The X rays are excessive vitality rays not seen to eye. When X-ray passes, it might be obstructed by tissues. The bone will resist the X ray most. So within the movie the bony components or calcified components will seem as White. Relying on the quantity of X-ray which handed by way of, the pc program will calculate and reconstruct the picture of the tissue. The quantity of X-ray which utilized in CT scan is far greater and it might trigger the unwanted side effects. If CT is repeatedly taken, it might trigger most cancers. The CT scan offers the axial view of the tissue. So the movies are normally two dimensional. Now there are three dimensional movie reconstruction services obtainable in CT additionally.

MRI is the abbreviation of Magnetic Resonance Picture. It makes use of magnetic waves (which aren’t dangerous like X rays). The MRI machine is much like the CT machine in exterior look. Nonetheless the mechanism is completely totally different. MRI scan offers higher photographs than CT in regards to the tender tissues. Mind and spinal wire photographs are higher with MRI scan. MRI scan can be utilized in being pregnant as that is secure. CT shouldn’t be advisable to take throughout being pregnant because it has radiation. MRI three dimensional footage are used as MRI angiogram (research in regards to the blood vessels)

In contrast with the CT, MRI want extra time. The affected person must be contained in the tube of the machine for an extended time. So the individuals who have worry about closed rooms, (claustrophobia) could face difficulties in MRI scan. CT may be taken on unconscious affected person. However MRI wants affected person’s cooperation to take a superb movie. Plain CT doesn’t want any particular preparation however MRI wants preparation. The metallic clips (Tooth clips) and metallic components must be eliminated earlier than MRI scan. The affected person with earlier surgical procedure and metallic clips used contained in the physique can not take MRI scan, because the metallic substances can be pulled out by magnetic subject created within the machine. MRI value greater than CT.

In abstract, CT and MRI are imaging strategies to movie the tissue. CT makes use of x-ray which can be dangerous, however MRI is safer. CT wants much less preparation and bony components may be seen clearly. MRI wants time for preparation and good for tender tissue picture. MRI offers higher 3 dimensional reconstructed views than CT. MRI is safer in being pregnant, CT not. The metallic free atmosphere is required for MRI, however CT doesn’t want these.