Difference Between CUI and GUI

CUI and GUI are acronyms that stand for different kinds of user interface systems. These are terms used in reference to computers. CUI stands for Character User Interface while GUI refers to Graphical User Interface. Though both are interfaces and serve the purpose of running the programs, they differ in their features and the control they provide to the user. Here is a brief explanation of the two types of user interface for the help of those who do not know about them.

What is CUI?

CUI means you have to take help of a keyboard to type commands to interact with the computer. You can only type text to give commands to the computer as in MS DOS or command prompt. There are no images or graphics on the screen and it is a primitive type of interface. In the beginning, computers had to be operated through this interface and users who have seen it say that they had to contend with a black screen with white text only. In those days, there was no need of a mouse as CUI did not support the use of pointer devices. CUI’s have gradually become outdated with the more advanced GUI taking their place. However, even the most modern computers have a modified version of CUI called CLI (Command Line Interface).

What is GUI?

GUI is what most modern computers make use of. This is an interface that makes use of graphics, images and other visual clues such as icons. This interface made it possible for a mouse to be used with a computer and interaction really became very easy as the user could interact with just a click of the mouse rather than having to type every time to give commands to the computer.

Difference between CUI and GUI

• CUI and GUI are user interface used in connection with computers

• CUI is the precursor of GUI and stands for character user interface where user has to type on keyboard to proceed. On the other hand GUI stands for Graphical User Interface which makes it possible to use a mouse instead of keyboard

• GUI is much easier to navigate than CUI

• There is only text in case of CUI whereas there are graphics and other visual clues in case of GUI

• Most modern computers use GUI and not CUI

• DOS is an example of CUI whereas Windows is an example of GUI.