Difference Between Cyst and Tumor

Both cysts and tumors have got a bad name and send shivers down the spine when your doctor reveals you have them inside your body. People are more terrified when they learn of tumors than cysts as tumors are commonly associated with cancers. Despite their common occurrence, most people are likely to draw a blank if asked about difference between a cyst and a tumor. This article will differentiate between the two to enable readers more about these abnormal growths inside our bodies.

Both cysts and tumors can get formed in any part of the body but whereas a cyst is a sac containing air, fluids and other materials, a tumor is a mass of tissues that are lumped together. Both cysts and tumors can be either benign or malignant. Cysts occur more commonly than tumors and are visible in the form of soft lumps just beneath the skin. Tumors are not visible and their presence can be confirmed only with the help of ultrasound. While a tumor may turn into cancer, most of the cancers are capable of producing cysts in our bodies.

While scientists are still grappling with the reasons of tumors, cysts can get formed because of many reasons. Some times they are formed because of the clogging of internal organs while regular flow of fluids, when obstructed, also leads to formation of cysts. They also result because of internal infections. On the other hand, the closest scientists have arrived at the possible reasons of tumors is genetic makeup of certain individuals saying they are predisposed to have tumors.

As described earlier, a cyst feels softer to touch in comparison to a tumor as it is filled with liquids and air. Though people cannot feel a tumor inside their bodies, it is harder to touch being made of tissues.

There are many people who have lived their full life despite having tumors inside their bodies as these tumors were benign. Tumors become deadly only when they become cancerous. Though cysts are also mostly benign, unattended cysts, especially in the ovary of a woman may create complications as they may burst filling the abdomen with their contents.

In brief:

Cyst vs Tumor

• Cysts and tumors are abnormal growths inside human bodies

• The structures of cysts and tumors are different. Whereas cysts are mostly sacs containing fluids, air and other materials, tumors are abnormal masses of tissues.

• Both cysts and tumors are mostly benign. However, tumors may become cancerous later on. On the other hand, there are some cancers that produce cysts inside our bodies.

• While one can feel cysts, presence of tumors is known only after ultrasound.

• Ovarian cysts are dangerous and must be removed as they may cause harm by rupturing and filling abdomen with their harmful contents.