Difference Between data centre and NOC

Data center and NOC are integral part of computer industry. Data center is the establishment that stores servers and telecommunication components. Data center also controls the services like air conditioning, security of the system and suppression of fire. NOC is acronym for Network Operations Center and it is the epicenter from where the networks are controlled and run. Networks like computer, telecommunication and television broadcast are monitored from NOC for smooth operation. The main function of data center is to house the equipments necessary to run the network and ensure its safety. The main function of NOC is to monitor the working of the equipments and rectify faults in case of break down.

Data center

A data center is mainly a building to keep the equipments in the suitable environment so that they work efficiently with minimum of wear and tear. Data centers are equipped with all the spares so that repairs can be carried out without any delay. The power supply to the data center has to be uninterrupted as power failure can cause great losses to the company in case of power failure. Security of the information is ensured by the data center therefore it has to keep a very its standard very high to keep the components functional and secure.

Network operations center

NOC is the control room for running the show. It houses many video screens to monitor the equipments in case of any alarm. The responsibility of NOC is to ensure smooth running of the network. Any problem arising due to power failure, electronic circuit, optical fiber cable or electrical wires has to be attended by NOC. The personnel at NOC have to be ready for emergency with the concerned technicians so that any problem can be fixed immediately.

Difference between data centre and NOC

Data center and NOC are integral part of computer industry and for profitable venture both have to be kept in healthy state. There are certain differences that make them entirely two different establishments.

• Data center houses the equipment that is required to store data or to run a network but NOC houses few screens and personnel to monitor the functioning of the these equipments.

• Data centers have to build according to standards so that equipment remains safe where as NOC can be run from any establishment small or big.

• The data center equipments host, relay or transmit data where as NOC equipments has no concern with the data that is being transmitted over the network.

• Data center housing top secret data servers have to be very secure with biometric security but NOC does not require a very high level security.

• If there is any problem regarding power or electronic failure then it is the responsibility of NOC to attend it.

• The interior design of data center looks similar to a ware house but that of NOC is like that of a corporate office.