Difference Between Dielectric Grease and White Lithium Grease (With Table)

Among the various available multipurpose greases, dielectric grease and lithium grease are some commonly found greases. These are generally used for vehicle maintenance. Grease is a game-changer, and you need to use it in your automobiles if there is a genuine need as it can help your vehicle travel an extra mile.

Dielectric Grease vs White Lithium Grease

The main difference between dielectric Grease and White Lithium Grease is their compositions, properties, and area of usage. Grease, when used in automobiles, acts as a lubricant that possesses stability, high dropping point, and wear-resistant properties. Generally, greases are made with oil as a base in addition to a thickening agent that gives the preferred composition for the lubricative action.

Dielectric grease is primarily based on silicone that is processed with electronic ignition modules that help to transfer the heat from the electronic equipment. It is resistant to water and is insulating. Since it keeps out the moisture, the conductance of the connector is enhanced, thereby improving the performance. Spark plug cables, threads, and boots made up of rubber are some common applications of these dielectric greases.

White Lithium grease is used widely in automobile gears. Aerosol fans also use them. They are generally best-suited for metal to metal applications, and their heavy lubricating property allows them to be used in door-hinged door rails and also in marine applications. They are found used in sliding applications. From big tins to small squeeze tubes, you can get this lithium grease.

Comparison Table Between Dielectric Grease and White Lithium Grease

Parameters of Comparison

Dielectric grease

White Lithium grease


It is primarily made up of silicone and silicone oils.   

  It is a multipurpose lubricant consisting of lithium soap.


Electrical components widely use and work on dielectric grease.  

 Locomotives and automobiles use white lithium grease.


They seal and secure the conductors by protecting them from dirt.

   They lubricate the doors, hinges and result in easy and seamless movement of metal parts.


 It is water-resistant and keeps away salt precipitates and dirt.           

It withstands extreme temperature and pressure.


It is quite expensive.

   It is affordable and much cheaper than the other grease.

What is Dielectric Grease?

Dielectric grease is made up of silicone oils and is translucent. It is thinner inconsistency. It is mainly used in areas of application that need insulation and protection from unwanted dirt and other impurities. A spark plug is the major application of this type of grease. Processors and cables also use grease to protect them when they interact with water.

In spark plugs, this grease helps the plug to easily and smoothly slide into the ceramic part. It is also popularly known as silicone-based or tune-up grease. It is best known for its moisture repellant properties and also the resistance to corrosion. They are not soluble in most liquids which makes them ideal to be used in marine applications.

However, this type of grease cannot be us much on silicone and rubber components as it can corrode, erode, or damage the components over the long run. Due to their insulating nature, they cannot be applied on surfaces of pins and sockets as they will stop the flow of current. It functions as a shield and protection on the components.

They are also used in sports vehicles, marine vehicles, boats and used for recreational purposes. It is also used to prevent voltage leakages due to its non-conducting properties.

What is White Lithium Grease?

It is a lubricant that is water-resistant and also used in preserving the properties of rubber. Lithium grease being the most popular grease, is a multipurpose grease and used widely in several applications. They can be used in chassis and also in locomotive applications. However, it is commonly used to ensure smooth and easy movement of components, especially the sliding doors and hinges.

It is a thickening type of grease with a stronger consistency and composition. It stays for a longer period and is corrosion resistance known as long-term lubrication. It is highly viscous and stays secure at a place. It is ideal to be used under a lot of pressure and also in regions with higher temperatures. This makes it an ideal choice for higher load-bearing applications.

It is resistant to wear and tear and also reduces friction greatly. Outdoor applications are perfectly fine with this grease due to its heat-resistant and water resistance properties. It is also commonly used to fix household and domestic issues like lubricating gates and door hinges, used in sliding panels and pivot points.

In industries, it is majorly used in lever applications like fittings, chains, bearings, winches, pulleys, and also in ropes and wires. It is the best out there for heavy-duty purposes and applications.

Main Differences Between Dielectric Grease and White Lithium Grease

  1. Dielectric Grease is made up of silicone oils and thickening agents, whereas White Lithium Grease is made up of white lithium-based soaps.
  2. Dielectric Grease is used in electrical components, whereas White Lithium Grease is best suited for automobile applications.
  3. Dielectric Grease protects the components from dust accumulation, and White Lithium Grease is used to ease and lubricate the movements of doors, hinges, and chains.
  4. Dielectric Grease shields the components from the eater, and White Lithium Grease tolerates high temperature and pressure.
  5. Dielectric Grease is expensive, whereas White Lithium Grease is less expensive.


Based on the user’s needs and the properties of the different types of grease, they are suited for the appropriate purpose. Apart from the basic components of the grease, the addition of a few specific substances enhances and improves the performance, efficiency, and also its quality.

Before deciding the required grease for your application, ensure they are best suited by analyzing the properties like if they are waterproof, non-conductive, and the composition is better than the other options. The amount of moisture it contains and its components reveal its properties and the best applications. Choosing the right grease is significant to achieve your goals in your vehicles.


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