Difference Between Digital Camera and Camcorder

In the last decade or so, the emergence of digital cameras has been spectacular and their prices, which are going down all the time have attracted millions all over the world. Though meant primarily for taking still photographs, most digital cameras also have a function for recording videos. This makes one wonder whether he should have a video camcorder in addition to a digital camera that he possesses. Though both digital cameras and camcorders perform overlapping functions, there are many differences that need to be highlighted for the benefit of the readers.

Digital Camera vs Camcorder

• There is no doubt that many of the modern digital cameras are allowing the users to make high quality videos, there are very few, if any, that can match the video quality of even the most ordinary camcorders. If you want to store memories of your life’s precious moments such as your anniversary or your toddler’s first steps, there is nothing to beat a camcorder’s high quality videos when it comes to sharpness and clarity. Though this difference in quality is more perceptible in high definition videos, one can tell the difference when videos are shot in standard definition. This is because of higher bit rate of camcorders in standard definition when compared to digital cameras.

• Camcorders are meant for making videos, and this is why they have more robust zoom. This gives the user an advantage when magnifying object while shooting videos. Though there are digital cameras with zoom facility, they cannot match the 30x zoom or even 60x zoom feature of camcorders. One big difference in videos shot by a camcorder and those shot by digital cameras is the inclusion of noises that the lenses of digital cameras are unable to remove.

• When you want to record long videos such as when you are capturing a marriage ceremony, you have to use a camcorder. The reason is that digital cameras record videos on flash memory cards whereas there is a hard disc as memory in camcorders. This offers a longer recording time which is convenient while recording long duration videos. You even have the facility to record videos directly on to DVD’s in case of camcorders to see the videos instantly on DVD players.

• Camcorders have internal microphones which translate into better audio quality every time you record videos with a camcorder rather than with digital cameras that lack this ability. There are camcorders that can produce surround sound audio which is far beyond the capacity of even the best digital cameras.

• The difference between camcorders and digital cameras is reflected in their shapes also. Camcorders are meant to be held in hand for shooting videos that explains their shape and size. On the other hand, video making is an add-on in case of digital cameras which is why they look more like traditional cameras. The same can be said about displays of the two devices. While you have digital displays that can be rotated to give different viewing angles in camcorders, the display panel of digital cameras are mostly fixed.