Difference Between Digital Camera and Handycam

Digital Camera vs Handycam

There was a time when people possessing handycam were envied by others who could not afford such video cameras. They had to be content with inexpensive still cameras that were not digital and had a photographic film to produce images. With advancement in technology and passage of time, digital cameras have arrived on the scene and their falling prices have meant that people are going after them and cancelling handycam as an option. Let us make a quick comparison between the two gadgets and find out if any real differences exist between a digital camera and a handycam.

It is true that modern digital cameras are a far cry from what still cameras used to be just a few years ago. They not only click beautiful, sharp images, but are also capable of recording videos which is what one would buy a handycam in the first place. Why would you prefer to hold a heavy handycam in your hands and shoulders for the duration of a function or when you go for a vacation when you can shoot stills and videos with the latest and compact digital camera? The price that you pay for a handycam is more than sufficient to buy almost two good quality digital cameras today. So cost is another factor that goes in favor of digital cameras. However, the comparison is not as easy as it looks. Let us make a comparison on features.

To be frank, digital cameras are far ahead of handycam when it comes to taking still photos that are sharp and clear. But when it comes to making videos, even an ordinary handycam is superior to an advanced digital camera. Probably this has got to do with the fact that still photos are a basic feature of digital cameras and video movies an add-on. On the other hand, the reverse holds true for a handycam. However, with advancement of technology, some expensive digital cameras can now capture video clips in HD in 720p. HD video recording in 1080p is a common feature in most of the handycam. So even though handycam is a winner in this respect, it boils down to the requirement of the user as someone interested in images may well go with a digital camera whereas those who like to make video clips would prefer a handycam.

Zoom feature of handycam is superior to most digital cameras. However, with passage of time, this superiority is fast disappearing as many digital cameras today come with 3X or even 5X zoom facility.

Storage, it is where handycam is still superior to digital cameras. While you can hope to get a few GB storage space in a digital camera, you can get hundreds of GB of storage in a handycam allowing you to shoot an entire wedding ceremony. Audio quality of a handycam is also better than a digital camera though today noise reduction is easily available in digital cameras as well that makes videos like a movie with no sound distortion.

To be fair, both handycam and digital cameras are still popular and eventually it boils down to personal preference when it comes to choosing between a digital camera and a handycam.