Difference Between Dividend Yield and Price Earnings Ratio (With Table)

Whenever we start, business investors will be there to invest. And the investor’s work does not stop just only in investing for the company. They will see whether the company is doing good or not. For that, they use two techniques. One is the dividend yield, and the other is the price-earnings ratio. Both these methods are calculated by the investors with a formula. 

Dividend Yield vs Price Earnings Ratio

The main difference between the Dividend Yield and the Price Earnings Ratio is that dividend yield is for calculating the price in the stock market, and it will be reflected in terms of percentage. On the other hand, the price-earnings ratio will be calculated for determining the current market share with the help of a formula, and it will be useful for your business expansion.

A dividend yield is used by companies to know the find the finances profit. This will be generated in terms of percentage. These are mostly dealt with by investors. Many companies in the world are giving the highest dividend yield in this world, and some companies are giving the lowest dividend yields as well. But they have to make sure that does not make them lose.

Price-earnings ratios are used by companies to determine their shares with the help of a good price-earnings ratio and bad price-earnings ratio. Budding and emerging start-ups should avoid having a higher price-earnings ratio. Having a higher price-earnings ratio is always a risk, and it is not a good start. Soon you will get pressure from the investors, and their expectancy in growth will become high. 

Comparison Table Between Dividend Yield and Price Earnings Ratio

Parameters of Comparison

Dividend Yield

Price Earnings Ratio


A good dividend yield will give a good stock in price.

It will help you to find the current market value that is for determining the stock.


It will lead to fluctuations in the stock market.

If the investors find no improvement, then they will stop investing.


Annual dividends per share / current share price

Share price/earnings per share


It will give the financial ratio of the company

It will give the current market share price




What is Dividend Yield?

A dividend yield will tell you the financial ratio of the company. That is, the financial ratio will be calculated for the whole year. The amount will be paid by the company in dividends. This amount will be calculated in terms of the stock price. This dividend yield is calculated and mentioned in terms of percentage. The amount will be mostly paid by mature companies. Some companies have higher dividend yields, and some others don’t have.

This kind of yield will be often kept in mind by the investors. They are investing in the company, and they should know about the dividend yield. There is a formula available for calculating the dividend yield. There are both advantages and disadvantages available in dividend yield. Because nothing in this world that will either contain advantage or disadvantage. There will be both of them. We can understand dividend yield even more in a better way with the help of real-life examples.

There are good dividend yields and bad dividend yields available. These will be calculated by the investors so that they can know the profit percentage. Having a higher dividend yield is always a risk. You should have it at a minimum. A stable company with a low dividend yield will be good. To make the dividend yield work or to calculate, you need to have the price of the share market. 

What is Price Earnings Ratio?

The Price-earnings ratio is used by companies to calculate the current market share price with the share earnings. This kind of method is mostly used by investors. Investors are people who invest in that company, and they will get the share when the company grows. So, they have to be careful and see whether the company is doing good or not. So that they can save the money that they have invested. Later if they find any discrepancies with the money being lost, then it will become a huge loss for them.

This cannot be done randomly. We need a proper formula for doing this. Along with the formula, you need quantities to calculate them. Having a higher price-earnings ratio is not good for a company. It means the stock will be calculated and valued than what we have anticipated. This will lead to some other problems like the investors who invested in your company will expect you to get more rates.

But it can’t be possible all the time. And you might fail in some steps. Having a low price-earnings ratio will be useful so that the investors won’t expect any high rates from you in the future. There are also companies available in the market that do not have any price-earnings ratio. If that is the case, then that company has nothing with them, and they will lose. To determine the good price-earnings ratio, there are always some figures available to do that. 

Main Differences Between Dividend Yield and Price Earnings Ratio

  1. Having a good dividend yield will lead to giving you a good stock market price. Likewise, having a good price-earnings ratio will help you to determine the current market price.
  2. Sometimes dividend yield will lead to fluctuations when you calculate the stock market. If you don’t have and fail to get a good price-earnings ratio, then it will be the end of your business as the investors will stop investing.
  3. There is a formula that will help you in calculating the dividend yield. Likewise, there is a formula available for calculating the price-earnings ratio.
  4. In dividend yield, investors will invest in your business. Likewise, in the price-earnings ratio, investors will invest in your business.
  5. The dividend yield will be taught in economics subject. Likewise, the price-earnings ratio is taught in economics. 


Both these are used by investors for the company they are investing in. Whenever we start a new company or a small start-up, we need investors for that. Without investors, we won’t be able to get money from what we are going to do. But in return, the investors will expect a good amount of profit or a high growth rate from us.

If we fail to do them, then they might stop investing in our company. For this calculation, the dividend yield and price-earnings ratio are very important. We can calculate them using the formula that is already available and with the data that are required to be put in the formula. It can be interesting and sometimes very risky in the business. 


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