Difference Between Dolphin Browser HD and Skyfire 4.0

Dolphin Browser HD vs Skyfire 4.0

It is a fact that Android browser is far from perfect. While it is true that the performance of the browser is improving with every new version of Android, people prefer to install browsers available in the market than being content with the standard, inbuilt Android browser. There are many browsers available in the market such as Skyfire 4.0, Dolphin HD, Firefox Mozilla Fennec and Opera Mini. Out of these, we will talk about Dolphin HD and Skyfire 4.0 that have become very popular. Both have their own features and pros and cons. This article will highlight these features to help people choose one of the two for their Android devices.

Dolphin HD

HD seems to have drawn inspiration from PC based Firefox and has a tabbed interface. It can install add-ons that improve functionality of the browser. Currently, it boasts of 42 such add-ons with more in the pipeline. Some of the important ones are Adblock Plus, Tab history, Wikipedia search, and QR share. User has the liberty to add as many as he likes and also delete that he doesn’t use frequently to save on memory. It also allows changing the theme of the browser if you get bored by the standard color scheme of the browser. The most innovative feature of HD is gesture command which allows the user to tell the browser what to do by making pre defined symbols with his fingers on the touch screen. Just like Firefox, user can go to add-ons gallery.

HD supports Adobe Flash which allows you to watch videos but you need to have Android 2.2 and higher. HD is capable of multi-language that implies you can choose to operate it in your own language. Some of the other important feature of Dolphin HD are multi-touch pinch to zoom, multi-tab browsing, bookmarks sync, bookmarks sorting, bookmarks folder, and RSS detection that enables the user to get RSS feeds automatically. It also allows for private browsing to prevent others from seeing what you had been browsing. There is a data backup and restore feature that prevents any loss of data. If you are fond of too many apps but they begin to slow down the browser, you can move your apps to SD card to free space on memory. HD comes with a set up wizard that provides all the details for a better browsing experience.

Skyfire 4.0

Skyfire is one of the most popular third party browsers for Android based smartphones, and its latest version Skyfire 4.0 is available as an app from the Android market for download. Skyfire renders requested web page on a proprietary server that relays the output on the screen of the user. The latest version 4.0 has been updated with 8 new features. It allows users to personalize SkyBar Toolbar to add these features that are as follows.

There is a new Twitter button to give one touch access to twitter streams. You can Tweet, search and check your friend’s comments without leaving Skyfire browser. There is a new Groupon button that delivers nearby details so that you can check on exciting deals of the day anytime you like. The new Share buttons allows the users to share websites, photos, videos and articles simply by clicking the share button.

With the new Google reader button, you are never away from your favorite news sites and blogs for the latest content. Three new buttons for sports, news and finance have been added to let you read the latest in the fields of sports, news and finance. There is a settings button that enables you to set your preferences. To make the most of all the new exciting features, Skyfire has a General Tips button that provides all in browser tips and tricks as well as tutorials.

Dolphin Browser HD vs Skyfire 4.0

• As a third party browser, Skyfire 4.0 leads the pack in popularity while Dolphin HD is fast catching up

• As far as loading of websites is concerned, Skyfire 4.0 beats Dolphin HD hands down

• Despite slower opening of pages, the gesture command feature of HD is luring many new users

• Skyfire has some attractive new features such as Google reader, Twitter button and the latest content on sports, news and finance which are lacking on HD.

• If watching videos on the web is your preference, Skyfire 4.0 is better than HD

Dolphin HD Official Video

Skyfire 4.0 Official Video