Difference Between EEG and ECG

EEG is an abbreviation of electro encephalogram, which is a technique of evaluating mind’s electrical exercise. The ECG, an abbreviation for electro cardiograph is {an electrical} recording of the guts and is used within the investigation of coronary heart illness.

EEG means electro encephalogram. This can be a technique of evaluating mind’s electrical exercise. A set of electrodes might be positioned in your head and the terminals might be related to a machine which can draw the graph. Mind is a posh wiring of neurons. The impulses within the nerve tissue might be performed as electrical impulses. These are minor currents; this may be evaluated by the EEG.

ECG is a typical phrase you will have heard of. Even you will have taken your individual ECG, when you have bought chest ache beforehand. You might have seen taking ECG by inserting electrodes within the chest and a few within the palms and ft. In cardiac muscular tissues the impulses passes as electrical indicators (that’s why you’re suggested to maintain your telephones away from coronary heart, particularly in case you are with a cardiac pacemaker). This electrical exercise might be assessed by ECG graph. From the ECG, adjustments within the arrhythmias (the irregular beating exercise of the guts) cardiac block (the block in passing impulses) from SA node (the place the impulses normally starts- tempo maker) to ventricles and ischemic adjustments (the adjustments on account of decreased blood stream to coronary heart) could be recognized. The enlargement of the left ventricle (the chamber which pumps out the blood from coronary heart) additionally could be recognized within the ECG.

EEG is normally taken to determine the epilepsy (the seizure illness), sleeping issues (narcolepsy) and generally to determine the alterations in acutely aware degree.

EEG and ECG could be taken by the technician and a specialist physician will interpret and report it.

ECG could be taken with out a particular preparation. However EEG may have some particular preparations. Some medicine (like sleeping tablets) might have to be stopped. The pinnacle ought to be clear and freed from filth or oil, (may have to scrub with shampoo) And the length to stick with the machine is longer than that of ECG.

Mainly ECG and EEG are assessing {the electrical} adjustments within the coronary heart and mind. However they differ by variety of electrodes, length and preparation.