Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy (With Table)

We, humans, are strongly driven by feelings and experiences. We feel contented and comfortable when surrounded by our friends and family. We love to be loved, and most of our behavior traits and perspective towards life is build because of this environment.

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  1. Empathy is a strong feeling of connecting with somebody or with someone who is in pain or trouble, whereas Sympathy is based on conditional attributes of the situation and then the action is being taken or felt sorry for another person.
  2. Empathy creates a feeling of association, whereas Sympathy is an act of understanding.
  3. Evaluation of the situation is not done on Empathy, whereas in Sympathy evaluation is the first step of the conversation.
  4. People are not judged in Empathy, whereas Sympathy judge people.
  5. Empathy might not involve conversation only gestures and expressions can express the feeling of the person, whereas in Sympathy conversation happens.



The emotions of
people are basic building blocks when they create relationships with others.
And Empathy and Sympathy also play a significant role in that relationship

Empathy and Sympathy are two mutually exclusive feelings or senses.

One may receive sympathy from many or one can sympathize with many but the person who has gone through or experienced the same condition can only show Empathy.

Both create the
ability in humans to understand or comprehend the situation or problem of
others but the extent or sense of feeling draws a line of difference between



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