Difference Between Enrolled and Registered Nurse

Nursing is a very exciting and noble career option that allows one to develop skills to be able to take good care of the sick and the disabled. If you feel you have the passion to help and assist others when they are sick or afflicted with diseases, nursing is the profession for you. In Australia, there are categories of nurses with clearly defined roles and responsibilities as well as academic requirements. Most people desirous of becoming a nurse are confused between a registered nurse and an enrolled nurse. This article explains the differences between the two designations.

Enrolled Nurse

If you want to start as a nurse as early as possible, the option of enrolled nurse is ideal for you. It is a popular option in front of those who are desirous of a nursing career as this course can be completed in less than a year and one can hope to take on different responsibilities as a nurse soon after the completion of the course. An enrolled nurse is a division two nurse as he or she has to work under the supervision of a registered nurse and has to carry out various tasks assigned to her in a hospital or any other medical setting. In a hospital, enrolled nurses look after the care of the patients, helping them with their daily activities, and observing their condition to report any changes to the registered nurse under whom they are working.

Enrolled nurses also administer drugs and injections to patients and assist in change of bandage of the patients. They are trained to take care of the wounds and infections and also perform administrative duties assigned to them by registered nurses.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse qualifies as a category one nurse who has completed a three year degree course from a reputed university. Some go even further with an extra year to obtain the honors degree. However, there are ways to become a registered nurse after obtaining diplomas and certificates too. Registered nurses have a clearly defined role in a hospital setting. They not only give medications to patients, they are entrusted with looking after an entire ward of patients. This means that a registered nurse is less personal than an enrolled nurse as she is made in charge of a whole ward. As an RN, there are many opportunities for an individual as she can choose to become a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse, or she can choose to enter the world of management in nursing.

What is the difference between Enrolled and Registered Nurse?

• Enrolled nurse is a division two nurse whereas Registered nurse is a division one nurse.

• One can become an enrolled nurse after completing a 12 month certificate course from a TAFE, but it is necessary to complete a three year degree course from a university to become a registered nurse.

• Enrolled nurse works under the guidance and supervision of a registered nurse.

• Registered nurse is often made in charge of an entire ward.

• Enrolled nurse gets more personal with patients because of her nature of duties.

• One can become a registered nurse after becoming an enrolled nurse.

• The salary and career options are higher in the case of a registered nurse.