Difference Between Eye and Camera

Eye vs Camera

The sense of vision is a gift of god to us that is performed through eyes. We make sense of the world around us through eyes. Camera on the other hand is a human invention to produce images of what we see through our eyes. Though both human eye and a camera make use of a lens to receive and project images, there are many differences in the functioning of the two and this article will help you understand and appreciate these differences.

Both human eye and camera make use of a converging lens that focuses an inverted image onto light sensitive surface. While in the case of a camera, this image is formed on a photographic film, it is the retina of a human eye where the image is formed. Both human eye and a camera can adjust the amount of light entering. While you control the amount of light with the help of an aperture in a camera, it is controlled by a large or a small iris in case of human eye.

While human eye is a subjective device, a camera is an absolute measurement device. Our eyes work in harmony with our brains to create the images of objects seen by us. Our eyes just make use of light to capture the image on retina. Rest of the information is processed by the brain on the basis of electrical impulses sent to the brain by the eyes. It is the brain that adjusts the color balance according to the lighting conditions. All this is done by the sensor in a camera.

In a camera, the lens moves closer or further from the film to focus. In the case of human eye, the lens changes its shape to focus. Eye muscles actually change the shape of the lens inside the eyes. The film in a camera is uniformly sensitive to light. Human eye is more intelligent and has a greater sensitivity to dark spots than a typical camera.

In a human eye, cornea acts like the lens of a camera, iris and pupils act like the aperture of the camera and the retina acts like the film of a camera where the image is finally produced. One big difference between a human eye and a camera is that whereas eyes see objects in 3D, camera records information only in 2D. We get a perception of depth through our eyes while the images produced by camera are flat in nature. Human eye is sensitive to dust and foreign particles while one just needs to wipe the lens to get rid of any dust in case of cameras.

In brief:

Human Eye Vs Camera

• Human eye bears great similarities to a camera but while it is a live organ meant for seeing, a camera is a device to record images.

• Eye is capable of 3D vision while a camera records images in 2D only

• While lens in a camera can move forward or backward from the film, the shape of the lens itself changes in case of human eyes depending upon lighting conditions and distance from the object