Difference Between Fast Food and Homemade Food (With Table)

Fast food and homemade food are two different kinds of foods. Fast food culture is growing like a virus. People love fast food. Fast food has many disadvantages, whereas homemade food has many advantages. Food is not a part of life, but it is life. We love to taste different kinds of food from different regions.

Besides all the advantages, fast food comes with many disadvantages. It causes various diseases. The diseases like colorectal cancer, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and insulin resistance condition are caused by fast food. The packed food has chemicals and preservatives. They are dangerous and cause infections in humans. The continuous taking of fast food causes severe diseases.

What is Homemade food?

Homemade food is nothing but the name itself tells that the food cooked in the home is called homemade food. We love to eat food with our family. Grandma-made food is the best which can beat anything. No one can cook like our mother. Homemade food is best which has many health benefits. The health benefits of homemade food are nothing but every ingredient that is added to the dish has separate health benefits. The homemade food is way more hygienic because we see how cleanly we maintain the kitchen in our home.

In homemade food, we use all the masalas which are prepared in the home itself. It provides better taste to the food. When compared to fast food, homemade food has a low content of chemicals. We can control the calories and fat ingredients by using healthy ingredients in the dishes. Homemade food is a big advantage for growing children. It helps them to grow strong. Physical and mental growth is better in children who consume homemade food.

Homemade food causes no diseases. It helps you to recover from some diseases caused by fast foods. Homemade foods help in a balanced diet. It gives you better strength. Homemade food has no chemicals and preservatives. The homemade food is prepared with many nutritional ingredients.

Main Differences Between Fast Food and Homemade Food

  1. When compared to fast food, homemade food is healthier.
  2. Fast food makes you addicted to chemical flavors, whereas homemade food has natural flavors.
  3. When compared to fast food, homemade food has less sodium content.
  4. Fast food causes many diseases, whereas homemade food does not cause diseases.
  5. When compared to fast food, homemade food needs more time to cook.


Fast food and homemade food are two kinds of food items. Even though fast food is not good for the health and has no benefits, people like to eat fast food for its taste. Fast food can be prepared instantly and easily. Since it does not consume more time people like the fast-food culture. But fast food will severely affect health and cause incurable diseases. Homemade food take time to prepare. But it is very good for health. The homemade food has no chemicals which do not cause any diseases. It helps to keep you strong physically and mentally. Homemade food is recommended by the doctors.


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