Difference Between Fat and Cholesterol

Fat and cholesterol appear similar to those who have not studied that in detail. Fats and cholesterol are considered a source of energy stored in our body. The amount of cholesterol present directly depends on the amount of fats consumed. Human body naturally contains cholesterol. Fats and cholesterol both are of two kinds, good ones and bad ones. Both consumed in large quantities give rise to fatal diseases like heart attack and stroke. They should be consumed in permissible quantities as they are very important for human body to perform several crucial functions.


Fats are triesters of glycerol and fatty acids and are soluble in organic solvents but insoluble in water. Primary sources of fats are milk, butter, meat, oils, coconut, fish oil, cakes, pastries, snacks and several fried and baked foods. There are as much as nine calories in one gram of fat which is almost double the amount in carbohydrates. Eating too much fat may lead to gain in body weight. Fats are of two types, they are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fat is also called bad fat as it is more harmful for human body and is solid at room temperature. Source of saturated fats are dairy products like milk, cream, cheese, hydrogenated vegetable oil, coconut, etc. On the other hand, unsaturated fats are good fats and are liquid at room temperature. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated forms are not harmful for heart at all. We can reduce the levels of fats in our body by using skimmed milk and reducing the intake of oil in our food. Another kind of fat, Trans fat are very harmful and the worst fat as they resemble saturated fat. One must avoid food items like French fries, processed foods, baked foods like muffins and hydrogenated oil.

Apart from the harmful effects of fats, they are known to perform vital functions in human body. Fats help in absorbing vitamins in our body, and provides energy for routine activities. Fat makes skin glow, its deficiency makes the skin look dry and dull. Fats help in the production of vital hormones like sex hormones. Intake of fats in right amount leads to faster growth of brain.


Cholesterol is naturally found in humans and is manufactured in the liver. It is a waxy steroid and is a quick source of energy. It play an essential role in the production of Vitamin D, hormones and bile acids. It helps to build cell membranes and also in the transportation of substances outside the cell. In the liver, cholesterol in converted to bile, which is then used to absorb fat and fat soluble vitamins from the intestine. It helps in the synthesis of sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Main sources of cholesterol are cheese, beef, egg yolk, etc. It is soluble in water to an extent . Cholesterol is of three types, Low Density Lipoproteins, also known as Bad cholesterol, High Density Lipoproteins, known as Good cholesterol and Very Low Density Lipoproteins. Apart from the myth that cholesterol is very harmful to our health and it should be completely avoided, it is now a well known fact that low levels of it are more fatal than high levels in the human body. It is almost impossible to have a good memory without cholesterol.

What’s the difference between Fat and Cholesterol?

♦ Fats are trimesters of glycerol and fatty acids while cholesterol is a waxy steroid.

♦ Fats produce more energy than cholesterol.

♦ Fats are more harmful than cholesterol.

♦ Fats aid in better brain growth while cholesterol aids in memory enhancement.

♦ Cholesterol is a kind of fat found in the bloodstream.