Difference Between Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 10

Firefox and Chrome are both web browsers developed by Mozilla and Google respectively. Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 are the latest versions of these browsers. Various new features have been added to both the web browsers.

Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is the latest version of web browser offered by Mozilla. Various new features have been added to this version that gives it edge over the previous versions of Firefox. Some of the features are:

Faster speed – Firefox 4 offers improved loading speed, rapid graphics rendering and fast start-up times. Pages load faster as the style resolution performance and DOM have been upgraded.

Hardware Acceleration – In Firefox 4, hardware acceleration has also been added that provides increased performesance in playing games and watching videos. The new graphics system makes use of Direct2D as well as Direct3D that allows smoother performance in sites that are based on graphics.

Privacy protection – The new features provided in Firefox 4 also protects the user’s privacy. The features that add to the privacy are Content Security Policy, Forget this site, Private Browsing and recent history cleaning.

Advanced Security – Firefox 4 is more secure as compared to the previous versions and provides security features such as Anti-Virus Integration, Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing, Instant Website ID and Secure Software Installation.

Google Chrome 10

Chrome 10 is the latest version of the web browser offered by search giant Google. Chrome 10 is said to be two times faster than version 9 as the JavaScript V8 engine comes with a new crankshaft technology.

The load on the CPU is also decreased in this version as the version 10 supports GPU hardware acceleration for videos. Users can also sync passwords with themes, preferences, bookmarks and extensions. This version is also more secure as it provides the facility to encrypt passwords by which users can sync their own passphrase.

The preferences/settings have been moved to a new page that is similar to the one in Google Chrome OS. The updates for Chromes browser can be checked by navigating to Settings and then clicking “About.” The browser automatically checks for updates.

Difference between Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 10

• Firefox 4 is developed by Mozilla whereas Chrome 10 is developed by Google.

• The start-up time of chrome 10 is faster as compared to Firefox 4.

• Chrome 10 is easier to use as compared to Firefox 4 due to its familiar design whereas Firefox 4 has been given a completely new look.

• Pages load more slowly in Firefox 4 as compared to its earlier version whereas this is not the case with Google Chrome 10.

• Improvement is required for HTML 5 in case of Firefox 4.