Difference Between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil

Over the last few decades, because of over reliance on junk food and reduction in dietary intake full of nutrients, fish oil and cod liver oil have become very popular as nutritional supplements. These oils not only compensate for loss of nutrients, but also increase consumption of essential fatty acids that are considered to be extremely beneficial for our health. Today, the situation has become such that people are taking these oils without really knowing the differences between fish oil and cod liver oil. This article take a closer look at both these oils to enable readers to choose one that is healthier for them.

The fish oil has proven health benefits, especially Omega 3 fatty acids, including both EPA and DHA, that have excellent health benefits. Both DHA and EPA are considered to be essential for our body, but unfortunately human bodies do not have the ability to manufacture them. This is precisely the reason why we must obtain these essential fatty acids from outside. Both fish oil and cod liver oil have been proved to be excellent sources of these two essential fatty acids. Cod liver is made from the liver of white fish such as cod, and occasionally halibut, which implies that in principle, it is also a type of fish oil. However, cod liver oil has different concentrations of EPA and DHA than fish oil. It has been found the cod liver oil contains a higher ratio of DHA to EPA. On the other hand, fish oil contains a higher ration of EPA to DHA.

It has been found that on an average, the consumption levels of Omega 3 in the diet of American people have gone down to dangerously low amounts. This is a fat that is essential for good health and is mostly found in fish oil and some other foods. On the other hand, intake of Omega 6, another essential fat has gone up remarkably, because of its presence in soy, sunflower, corn, and many other oils. This imbalance between the ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 is of serious concern, which is sought to be rectified through higher intake of fish oil and cod liver oil.

Experts say that our forefathers or ancestors had a more healthy diet where the intake of Omega 6 and Omega 3 was nearly equal. But sadly, because of over reliance on junk food, our intake of Omega 3 has suffered badly; so much so that this ratio of intake is today 20:1 or even 50:1.

Talking about fish oil and cod liver oil, Vitamin D is found to be in higher proportions in cod liver oil, which makes it suitable for consumption during winter months. These are the months when populace does not get adequate amount of exposure to sun to let body make vitamin D on its own. In essence, cod liver oil is fish oil with some additional benefits that are reflected in the form of vitamin D and A.

What is the difference between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil?

· Code liver oil is made from liver of cod, whereas fish oil is made from tissues of fatty fish.

· Cod liver oil has a fishy taste, which is sought to be controlled by adding lemon or other citrus content.

· Both cod liver oil and fish oil are great sources of essential fats omega 3 and Omega 6.

· Cod liver oil has much higher percentages of vitamin D and A, which makes it ideal for pregnant women and those having skin problems.