Difference Between Flu and Food Poisoning

Flu and meals poisoning each have frequent signs corresponding to nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. The flu is an sickness attributable to RNA viruses which infect your respiratory system. There are variants of those flu viruses which trigger gastrointestinal disturbances talked about above. The frequent time period ‘abdomen flu’ for this situation is definitely a misnomer. The situation is known as viral gastroenteritis.

The frequent meals poisoning is normally much less sever however in some circumstances deadly. Each have the identical signs which make them troublesome to diagnose even for physicians.


The true flu viruses have an effect on the respiratory system and trigger signs just like that of frequent chilly. The signs normally pertain to the respiratory system and often grow to be deadly. The abdomen flu is attributable to viruses totally different from the influenza viruses and end in gastrointestinal disturbances.

Viral gastroenteritis happens because of the publicity to the virus resulting from poor sanitation or by ingesting contaminated meals. It may be thought-about as a form of meals poisoning since in majority of the circumstances, the virus beneficial properties entry into the system by way of meals. The therapy is similar for each the circumstances. Hold hydrated and take loads of relaxation.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is much less extreme most often however can grow to be deadly in exceptions. The signs normally embrace abdomen ache, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting. The signs normally have a sudden outburst after the ingestion of meals. Usually it impacts all or most people who’ve consumed the contaminated meals and the signs seem in a short while.

Food poisoning normally happens as an outbreak with signs roughly frequent among the many victims. The severity of the signs depends upon the contaminant which prompted the meals poisoning. Diarrhoea in its severity can result in lack of life and has been one of many main causes of demise worldwide.

Difference between Flu and Food Poisoning


Each the illnesses have frequent signs corresponding to nausea, diarrhoea, abdomen cramps, vomiting and so on. Headache, fatigue and fever are the primary to indicate up. The signs are normally gentle for wholesome people and restoration is feasible inside 48 hours. In extreme circumstances, these gentle signs result in dehydration and can grow to be deadly.

Causative agent

In case of viral gastroenteritis, the signs are attributable to viruses whereas in meals poisoning, the frequent brokers are micro organism.


Each signs seem gentle within the outset, however Food poisoning will be fairly harmful in excessive threat teams corresponding to kids and aged sufferers. In extreme circumstances of an infection it could additionally result in demise.

Safety measure

These are frequent for each. Correct cooking and conserving hygienic surrounding result in a wholesome life. Food poisoning is normally attributable to improper cooking or contaminated meals. This may be minimized by taking sufficient precautionary measures whereas cooking.


Remedies for each the circumstances contain stopping the physique from getting dehydrated. Administer loads of fluids and take relaxation. Drugs normally goal to deal with the signs, though diarrhoea is a pure defensive mechanism for the physique to remove the micro organism. The chance of dehydration needs to be lowered.


The analysis is troublesome and medical doctors will normally desire to conduct additional microbiological checks for affirmation solely in extreme circumstances. One of the best ways to seek out the potential motive as meals poisoning is to watch the incidence of comparable signs in individuals who have consumed the identical meals pattern

The phrases are misunderstood for the reason that signs don’t differ a lot. In both case, the physique’s immune responses struggle in the identical approach. Therefore the identical kind of medicines will assist in therapy. Nevertheless for the reason that severity can by no means be predicted it’s clever to get the correct medical care directly. If the signs get extreme, then it’s higher to slender right down to the causative agent and administers medication focused for the microbe. Taking loads of fluids could assist most sufferers to get well inside 24 hours however the fatigue could prevail for a few days. Fortified meals and drinks which provide vitamin are extraordinarily good to maintain the physique nicely hydrated.