Difference Between Geckos and Chameleons (With Table)

There are a variety of species of lizards are found globally. You can even spot some specific kind of lizard at your house as well. They are very popular as they scare the small kids. However, here we will discuss two specific species of lizards, which are geckos and chameleons. Although they both are lizards, they also possess distinctive differences between them as well. Both geckos and chameleons are generally found in a warm climate in abundance.

Main Differences Between Between Geckos and Chameleons

  1. Geckos can be found in a variety of colours like black, pink, purple and blue and are very colourful. Whereas chameleons are not as colourful as Geckos.
  2. Geckos do not possess any ability to change their body colour. Whereas, Chameleons possess a unique ability to change their body colour according to different situations.
  3. Geckos make chirping sounds and are very popular for their extraordinary vocalizations. Whereas Chameleons lack this ability.
  4. Geckos are of 80 genera and 3 subfamilies. Whereas, Chameleons are found only in 2 genera.
  5. Around 600 species of geckos can be noticed or observed. Whereas around 50 species of chameleons are seen.
  6. Geckos are basically from the Gekkonidae family. Whereas chameleons are basically from the Chamaeleonidae family.
  7. Geckos are small-sized lizards. Whereas chameleons are big sized lizards.
  8. The average size of the geckos ranges from 3-5 inches. Whereas the average size of the chameleons ranges up to 27 inches.
  9. The lifespan of the geckos is 10- 20 years. However, the lifespan of the chameleons is 3-10 years.


Many people get confused between different Species of lizards, and specifically between geckos and chameleons. However, they are be simply differentiated from each other by their looks and appearance. Geckos are the most colourful lizards in comparison to the Chameleons.

Chameleons cannot chirp like geckos. The average size of the geckos ranges from 3-5 inches. And the average size of the chameleons ranges up to 27 inches. Thus, when next time you spot a lizard, don’t get confused whether it’s a gecko or a Chameleon.


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