Difference Between Goat and Cow Milk (With Table)

Milk is one of the nutritious foods that has been used by humans for a long time. Milk can be used in different ways, such as butter, ice cream, condensed milk, dried milk, and cheese.

Among other beverages, milk is considered to be the most nutritious one as it contains vitamins, protein, minerals, and other nutritious values. The most popular types of milk are goat milk and cow milk.

Goat vs Cow Milk

The main difference between goat and cow milk is that goat milk is healthier as it does not contain casein which is important for lactose-intolerant people, while cow milk contains casein which can aggravate the immune system.

Goat milk helps in reducing weight, increase the digestion, strengthen bones, immunity, and metabolism; prevent toxins from accumulating in the body. It contains selenium which is an essential trace mineral that supports the immune system. It can be digested easily as it has smaller fat globules. Goat milk is also a rich source of protein which helps in the growth and development of bones and muscles.

Cow milk is one of the most popular products in the dairy industry. It contains vitamin B12, which many people are deficient in. This milk is rich in Amino acid, which helps to get a good sleep at night as it calms the senses. It lowers the risk of cancer, reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Comparison Table Between Goat and Cow Milk

Parameters of comparison

Goat Milk

Cow Milk


Sweeter than cow milk and somewhat goaty in taste.

Less sweet than goat milk but neutral in taste.





Easily digested as compared to cow milk.

Less easily digested as compared to goat milk.


Lactose is about 12 % less per cup than cow milk.

Lactose is present

Vitamin and Mineral content

Vitamin A and D and the minerals calcium and selenium are higher in goat milk.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid are found more in cow milk.

What is Goat Milk?

Goat milk is obtained from domestic goats. It contains highly nutritious elements like vitamins and minerals. It is the best source of protein, contains less sugar and lactose.

Goat milk, when used raw, can help in healing a lot of diseases. It also helps in recovering from viral diseases and improving platelet count in the blood during dengue, as well as its antibodies help in recovering from jaundice.

Goat milk strengthens the ability of the human body system to absorb important nutrients from other foods. Goat milk can also be used by people who are lactose intolerant and have gut issues like gas, acidity, constipation, and poor digestion.

It has more amounts of protein, calcium, vitamins, and healthy fats than any other milk. It keeps bones strong. It also helps in losing weight as 100 grams of goat milk will give 69 calories. Goat milk has a little piquant flavor, mild, sweet, and creamy taste. It contains caproic acid, which is an enzyme that makes it taste ‘goaty’ with time. So fresh milk should be processed and then given to drink.