Difference Between Google and Microsoft (With Table)

Google and Microsoft are worldwide acknowledged multinational technology giants that are based in the USA.

The later versions were to satisfy the requirements posed by all the users that keep changing given the growth of technology.

As the company saw an expansive growth, so did the products manufactured and produced by them.

Newer times gave way to the creation of user-friendly hardware as well as software technologies such as MS Mouse and MS Press.

The company released products in recent times includes hardware such as Windows mobile, and software like Skype, MS Windows, MS Edge, MS Media, etc.

Main Differences Between Google and Microsoft

  1. While Microsoft came into being a long time before the internet era was created, Google came about around the time the internet expanded the area of coverage among users. 
  2. While Google was developed as part of a research project for two colleagues for their Ph. D, Microsoft was created by two childhood friends to create an easier space for users and develop hardware. 
  3. Microsoft has its main products as the software that is the OS Windows which includes various versions depending on-time passage whereas Google concentrated all its efforts on their search engine. 
  4. The profits made by Microsoft comes from the sale of software-related products like Operating Systems and MS office systems but the profits gained by Google comes from the sale of online advertisement provided to various website owners and hence increasing the inflow of customers for them. 
  5. For Google, almost every product comes free of cost for their users whereas in the case of Microsoft the services and equipment offered by them should be brought at a price. 


Both the companies are competitors in the same field striving to create a better and user-friendly space for the customers.

Even though their mainstream service and products vary, some of their products can be considered as head-on competitors such as Bing and Google search, Internet Explorer and Chrome, MS Offices and Google Docs, etc.

It is common knowledge that almost all the people technologically active use both the company’s products and services simultaneously as it is inevitable to not.

The Microsoft DOS can be considered as the version of the Operating systems that preceded the era of all the OS versions that came about later.

As Google tends to be less expensive or even free service, people angle towards their products as a pocket-friendly form of purchase.


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