Difference Between Google.com and Google.co.in

We can hardly believe the world without Google, any information regarding anything in this world is available to us at unbelievable speed and accuracy. Google is the leading search engine in the world and has millions of people using the site to answer their query. The journey of Google has not been easy and people at Google worked hard to achieve the top position. Any person typing Google in India gets to see Google.co.in as the result and not Google.com becoming confused as to what the difference between the two search engines is.

A search engine has to be accurate and fast if it has to attract users, and if a site is visited by millions of users then ad revenue increases as well. Google has divided the world geographically according to the continents so that a user can find the data or material relevant to the region where they belong to. A person searching in US with the same query will land up with different web sites than a person searching in Asia. This has been done by the company to make the search more realistic and also to reduce the load on the servers to increase the speed. A common server for all searches will be exposed to a huge amount of traffic where as distributed traffic will make the servers more efficient and fast.

There is practically no difference in Google.com and Google.co.in except that the user is shown first the sites relevant from his area of residence. If you take your laptop to China and try to Google, you will be surprised to see the results in Google.co.ch and not Google.com which might frustrate you if you do not know Chinese language. The last two digits in the search engine reflect the location or the IP address of the person and there is no bias not to let any person see the results from Google.com. So except for a few results that are area specific, there is no difference between Google.com and Google.co.in.

In brief:

• Google.com is the international version of Google commercial while Google.co.in is the country specific version and in this case it is India specific.

• The last two digits in the search engine reflect the location of the internet user. So Google.co.in means the user is from India and Google.com just means Google commercial or Google international.