Difference Between Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Player

Google Music Beta vs Amazon Cloud Player

With reasonable success of Amazon Cloud Player, it was only natural to expect other major players to follow suit. Today, Google, the internet search engine giant, announced its latest Google Music Beta to provide competition to Amazon’s Cloud Player. Music Beta, as expected, has all the features of Cloud Player and has some additional features for music lovers. Let us make a quick comparison of the two services to see if indeed Google has come up with an ace that can withstand Apple’s forthcoming iCloud service.

Google Music Beta

Google Music Beta allows users to upload music of their choice on to servers owned by Google. Now you can upload almost 20,000 songs of your choice and start playing them on your Android based devices anytime you so wish, and believe it or not, it is for free. Google is initially giving 5 GB of space free that is enough to store up to 20000 songs. This should be music for ears for all those who have always felt the need for such a service. Music Beta has additional features like locally cached songs, custom playlists with cloud sync, intelligent mix and iTunes import. The only drawback is that this service requires your web based device to have support for flash which means that Google has done it to deliberately keep Apple’s devices out of the purview. It is known that iOS devices have no support for flash and so, for now, iPhone owners cannot make use of this new service from Google.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player, that has been there for some time also provides free space to the users (5GB) but it has introduced a new scheme that gives 15GB of extra space in the Cloud Drive for one year to those who buy at least 1 MP3 album from them. The 5GB free trial starts when you buy a music from Amazon MP3 store. So users now can get 20GB of space for less than $20/year, that translates into almost unlimited number of songs. While Amazon Cloud Player initially was not available for use on iOS devices, there is good news for Apple device owners as the company has now made it possible for iPhone owners to use the service. So all iPod and iPhone users can now stream their favorite music utilizing Amazon Cloud Player. For now, it seems that Amazon has done enough to stay ahead of Google Music Beta by adding millions of Apple device owners. However Amazon Cloud Player is available for US customers only.

In brief:

Amazon Cloud Player vs Google Music Beta

• Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music Beta are services that allow people to upload their favorite music on their servers and stream them to web based devices anytime they wish.

• While both are allowing 5GB free space to users, Amazon has launched a new scheme giving additional 15 GB of free space for one year to all those who buy at least 1 MP3 album from them.

• You can start free 5GB trial on Amazon Cloud Player and Cloud Drive service by buying a music or album from  Amazon MP3 store, while it is on invitation you start Google Music Beta.

• While Google Music Beta supports up to 20,000 songs, Amazon Cloud Drive supports up to 1000 songs only.

• While Google Music Beta cannot be used by Apple device owners, Amazon’s service is available to Apple device owners now.

• However only US customers will benefit from these as Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music Beta are available only for US, Google said that their goal is to make the service global.

Google Introducing Music Beta