Difference Between Halibut and Cod (With Table)

Fishes are aquatic mammals that have a skull, a backbone, and gills. They are a major part of marine and aquatic life. These creatures that live underwater have their own roles in the ecosystem. Fishes are also a type of food consumed by humans as well as other animals.

Halibut vs Cod

The main difference between Halibut and Cod is that both of them are sort of demersal fish; however still have distinctive physical attributes, and each of them is different species that come back from different families. Moreover, they have other variations and similarities between them. 

Halibut refers to any of varied flatfishes (order Pleuronectiformes), particularly the big and valuable Atlantic and Pacific halibuts of the genus Hippoglossus. Both, as flatfishes, have the eyes and color on a singular aspect. Since both are members of the family Pleuronectidae, they typically have these characteristics on the right side.

Cod (genus Gadus), massive and economically vital marine fish of the Gadidae. The species Atlantic Cod– Gadus morhua is found on each side of the Northern Atlantic. A cold-water fish, it typically remains close to the bottom, starting from inshore regions to deep waters.

Comparison Table Between Halibut and Cod 

Parameters of Comparison




Derived from the words, Holy and Flatfish.

Derived from the words, Bag and Pouch.


It belongs to the Pleuronectidae family.

It belongs to the Gadidae family.


It has got a strong flavor.

It has got a mild flavor.

Texture/ composition

It has a firm and dense texture.

It has a flaky and dense texture.


Halibut is commonly served as steak.

Cod is commonly served as fillets.

What is Halibut?

Halibut is a common name for 2 flatfish within the Hippoglossus from the family of right-eye flounders and, in some regions, and fewer unremarkably, alternative species of enormous flatfish. Halibut exists as a species of fish that feed and live at the rock bottom of lakes and seas. They’re renowned as well known as sport fish and food fish. Halibut is classified into the Atlantic halibut and Pacific Halibut, which is the largest existing flatfish in the world. 

It has an off-white underbelly and is dark brown on the upper side, with little scales that are concealed to the naked eye. This color combination is good for fusing the Halibut with the sea bed and the light, a phenomenon referred to as countershading.

Halibut take advantage of almost any fish or animal which fits into their mouths, unlike the other bottom-dwelling water organisms like crabs, Pollock, Cod, octopus, or salmon that move up from the sea bed for feeding. The Halibut is rich in nutrients and low in fat. It contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It comprises a dense and firm texture that may be simmered, grilled, or fried. Due to its low-fat content, smoking a halibut is tough.

What is Cod?

Cod is a demersal fish that thrives within the deeper and cooler ocean areas. With 2 anal fins and 3 rounded dorsal fins, the Cod has an associated upper jaw that extends over the articulator- lower jaw. They even have a white line running higher than the pectoral fin from the gill slit to the tail fin and have a sandy brown to light green back and white bellies. The Atlantic cod and the Pacific cod are the most popular species. It comprises a flaky, dense, and white flesh and is distinguished by a light flavor.

Cod liver oil is the most common product from the codfish, which is processed from cod livers. The cod liver oil is rich in Omega-three fatty acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Scrod is made from young Atlantic cod, which is the most sought ingredient in fish and chips in the United Kingdom. In addition, Cod liver can also be canned and eaten. A few other fishes have similar names, which are derived from the word “cod,” like codling, colet, and tomcod. A young codfish is called a codling.

Main Differences Between Halibut and Cod 

  1. The name Halibut has derived from the words, Holy and Flatfish, and Cod has derived from bag or pouch.
  2. Halibut is a member of the Pleuronectidae family, and Cod is a member of the Gaddidae family. The two also are a part of different species and genuses.
  3. In comparison, Halibut has a strong flavor, whereas Cod has a mild flavor.
  4. The Halibut has a dense and firm texture. In contrast to Halibut, Cod has a flaky and dense texture.
  5. The halibuts are more usually served as steaks, and the cods usually as fillets.


On this planet, there are plenty of food items available for humans and other beings. Yet it is sometimes difficult for us to choose between healthy and tasty food items. However, fish is one of the dishes that are not solely healthy but conjointly tasty—the immense quantity of nutrients together with proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Also, due to the high protein and low-fat constituents in fish, they are a part of the daily diet of people around the world. In case people are not fond of the taste or smell of fish, such Omega-three supplements are available.

There are several fish species, including Halibut and Cod. Despite the common generalization of fish, they are different. The Halibut and Cod have similarities and differences in their physical attributes, which can appear to even be invisible at the natural sight.

Halibut has more of a strong flavor that also has a dense and firm texture. On the other hand, Cod has a mild flavor and a flaky and dense texture. They are both rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They are available as steaks and fillets, not to mention they are also one of peoples’ favorite dishes. Fishes are a great source of energy and are advised to be included in the diet.


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