Difference Between Hand and Arm (With Table)

Human anatomy is a complex study of the human body. The structure of the human body is so Complex that it has 206 bones with thousands of nerves  and several systems like nervous system,  respiratory system, digestive system etc..

The human system consists of  different organs which enables humans to do several activities.  with internal organs there are some external organs as well like  five sense organs;  our eyes, ears,  tongue, nose and skin.

There are  vertebrates, They are the animals with spinal cord For example human monkeys lion All types of amphibians and mammals. vertebrates along with spinal cord have some special features distinction in their hands and toes.

As humans are vertebrates they have the most advanced type of spinal cord which makes them stand erect with a posture different from that of other animals.  Humans have different bones Like short bones, long bones, irregular bones And flat bones. There are several joints which connect two bones making one  body part. for example hand leg Shoulders hips.

The joints of bones enable the movement of the body part, there can be one or more than one joint in one body part for example Arm. The arm has two joints and the same is the case with the leg.

Hand vs Arm

The main difference between hand and arm is the composition of bones and their works. The hand is part of the arm but it is considered different from the forearm and upper arm.


Comparison Table Between Hand and Arm

Parameters of Comparison



Number of bones




Most flexible

Flexible to some extent


Holding things

Lifting things

Extended part of



Different parts

Four fingers, one thumb and palm.

Upper arm, forearm, elbow joint and wrist


What is a Hand?

According to human anatomy, the hand is the part below the wrist which has a palm,  four fingers, and one thumb. in a normal human body there are two hands left and right.

There are different functions of hands It is the most distinctive feature of human being. it it creates a huge difference between animal and a human being. a person not having hands or or having any kind of disability in their hand is considered disable person.

There are around 27 bones in one human hand which consists of Phalanges, metacarpals, And carpals of  wrist. It is the metacarpals that connectsFinger   phalange to capals.

Hand does most of the activities of the human body, it is also the most flexible body part of humans which enables them to   do  several activities like holding things, doing work, enabling deaf  or for blind people to use them for their Sign Languages.

Hand is attached to the arm  which provides hand, strength and support to do certain activities. hand is the most capable part of the human body which enables them to sometimes defend themselves from several attacks.

Life of a human becomes extremely difficult without a hand. Both hands right and left are equally important for people. Although there are several people who have a habit of doing work from one hand. For example some people are lefty which make things difficult for them to do with their right hand. Most of the people are right handed.

Hands consist of different parts which have their different anatomy, for example fingers. Doctors having speciality in hands or arms are known as orthopedics, or just hand surgeons in simple language.

What is an Arm?

According to human anatomy, the arm is a body part extending from the shoulder joint to the  wrist. a normal human being has two arms. it consists of the upper arm and forearm, and these are joined with the elbow.

Predominantly alm has three major bones; ulna, humerus bone and radius bone. Among all three humerus bones is the main bone of the upper arm connecting it to radius bone and ulna bone through the elbow joint.

The humerus bone is also considered as the  strongest bone, it does not break away easily and when it does it signifies the extreme pressure put on the bone. If any injury is done to the arm the whole  arm is removed in the process of amputation. A person having no arm or one arm or any sort of disability in any of the arms is considered disabled person.

Arm has major functions like supporting the hand, helping in lifting, pelling, and pushing any object. an immense pressure can be put on Arms but to a certain extent beyond that it might break away. It also serves as the mediator between Shoulders and hands.

Arm is responsible for several types of Movement  done by human beings for example Flexion, abduction,Extension and adduction. These are  muscle movements then by arm.I am made stronger by several activities as well, during exercises muscles of the arm are considered an important part of bodybuilding like developing triceps and biceps.

Stronger the triceps and biceps are stronger the person becomes as it makes the body capable of  lifting,  pushing,or pulling  more than a normal human being  who is not doing arm exercises.



Hand and arms both are important for human beings. Without an arm  hand is nothing and without a hand is considered useless.

Both of them complete each other, giving the  human  strength  of  doing  several activities. There are special cases in the world where there are people who you have false hands or arms.