Difference Between Handycam and Digital Camera

Handycam vs Digital Camera

Digital Camera and Handycam are great tools to capture and preserve our great bonding moments and experiences. Digital Camera is a camera that can take pictures or also record videos digitally. The usual storage devices for digital cameras are flash disks, an SD, MMC or CF cards. With the advancement of technology, digital cameras have been evolving from the point-and-shoot types to the more advance Digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR) which many professional photographers now employ.

Handycam is a brand from Sony which captures video as well as still photographs. With a handycam you are able to capture scenes into a video format and let you become an amateur film maker. What is good about using this device is that due to its small size, you can just carry it with your hand while filming.

Digital camera and handycam have found its use for home and media use. While digital camera is made for taking still photographs, handycam is made for the purpose of recording videos although both have now almost the same capabilities such as digital camera can be used to take videos and handycam for taking pictures. Digital camera usually uses a flash memory for data storage while a handycam uses tapes or discs for storing video images. Most often, digital camera employs a flash in taking pictures, while handycam does not have this feature.

If you want to capture your precious moments then a good digital camera or a handycam is what you need. Since the data are saved digitally, you are sure that you can relive these moments even when you grow old.

In brief:

Digital Camera vs Handycam

● Digital camera is used for the purpose of taking still photographs.

● Handycam is used to shoot a video and allows you to be a film maker.

● Both are now have similar capabilities as a digital camera can also shoot video and handycam can take pictures