Difference Between Hardware and Equipment (With Table)

Only humans have the virtue of thinking, and with rational thinking, humans made many things to make their lives a bit easier and comfortable. Hardware and equipment are things like that. Though hardware and equipment have different functions, both of them have the same aim, which is to make human life easier and effortless.

Hardware vs Equipment

The main difference between hardware and equipment is that hardware devices are solid devices with physical existence which helps to complete the functions of a computer, and equipment is tools that equip a particular thing or assignment and enhance the performance while minimising the danger.

Hardware is solid, physically parts that can be touched. These parts are required for a computer to function without any difficulties. Processor, CPU, monitor, disk space, the memory of appliance everything is hardware. These support the main function of the computer.

Equipment is physical devices to equip. Equipment is used to complete a certain assignment flawlessly. The equipment helps to manage the specific assignment safely and also enhance performance. Tools of equipment assist in making the workplace safe. Equipment is needed to prove any hypothesis.

Comparison Table Between Hardware and Equipment

Parameters of Comparison




Hardware is the set of tools that are needed to ply the work of a computer.

Equipment is the set of tools that are needed to equip any purpose in a workplace. It also assists in experimental assignments.


The hardware’s function is to support the function of a computer.

The equipment’s function is to make work safer and minimising the risk factors.


Monitor, CPU, power supply unit, keyboard are examples of hardware.

Instances of equipment are typewriters, lab equipment, construction equipment etc.


Hardware produce results rapidly, they manage time and finish tasks automatically. They are not prone to fail.

Equipment tools save time, enhance performance and minimise risk. They decrease staffing.


Hardware devices are used to operate businesses and industries.

Equipment tools are used to fulfil particular objectives.

What is Hardware?

A computer mainly needs two tools, software and hardware. Software is the applications that can not be touched, and hardware, on the other hand, are devices that can be touched.

Hardware devices support in completing the programmes of a computer, such as input, output and processing. Hardware can be both internal and external. For instance, internal hardware devices are motherboards, hard drives, and RAM. And external hardware devices are monitors, keyboards, printers, scanners, and mouse among which keyboard and mouse help in conducting input functions. Devices like monitor and speaker assist with output, and the CPU stimulates the processing work.

Without the hardware, the software is useless and irrelevant. Without hardware, the software can not be operated and controlled. No work can be initiated in the absence of hardware. That is, the input can not take place, and output can not be shown as well. Hardware is the organs of the computer.

Hardware make works easy to execute, and they also help to finish work in less time.

What is Equipment?

Equipment includes things such as tools and machines which are used to serve a particular type of work. Equipment tools equip the preparations of a task.

Equipment can be of different types. Different kinds of jobs require different kinds of equipment. Lab equipment is different from construction equipment.

In a lab, the needed equipment are test tubes, beaker, burner, syringe, magnifier, balance scale and many other tools. These tools help to run any experiment smoothly. To prove any hypothesis or speculation, the experiment is inevitable, and for experimental tests, equipment is bounded to be used.

In a construction site, the equipment tools are gigantic and powerful, such as bulldozers, graders, trenchers, excavators etc. These tools of equipment make the work finish faster and better.

The selection of the equipment depends on the nature of the work. The quantity of the work and budget of the work also has an impact on the selection of the equipment. The equipment offers safety as well as better work in lesser time.

Main Differences Between Hardware and Equipment

  1. Hardware devices are used to complete the functions of the computers. And on the other hand, equipment is used to prepare the process of a particular work.
  2. Hardware supports the function of a computer, whereas equipment helps to complete a practical task while enhancing the performance and minimising the chances of accidents.
  3. Hardware gives the results instantly while equipment stays throughout the process and keeps on assisting till the job is done.
  4. Hardware is used for a desk job, whereas equipment is used in empirical and experimental jobs, which have more active tasks.
  5. Hardware reduces costs and automatically finish a task while equipment assists throughout the process.
  6. Monitor, CPU, keyboard etc., are tools of hardware, while lab apparatus and construction apparatus are examples of equipment.


Every job needs tools to boost the work. We can not get complicated things done in a short period of time without appropriate tools and devices. Hardware and equipment are tools that men discovered to get various works done effortlessly and easily. Both hardware and equipment decrease manpower and saves a lot of time.

Hardware is devices that can be touched physically, and without them, the functions of the computer will be incomplete. And equipment tools help to finish field works, and they are highly crucial as they help to improve the safety of the works. Both of them are boon to mankind, and modern people can not imagine a life without these tools.

The labour of men has been reduced by the inventions of many devices and machines. Modern people do not need to go through the excruciating pain of physical toil, and the credit goes to the hardware and equipment and all the other tools.


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