Difference Between Hash and Weed and Pot

Hash, pot, and weed are different names of hallucinogens or mind altering drugs that are obtained from the same Cannabis Sativa plant that produces many other drugs of which marijuana is perhaps the best known. In fact, the name Marijuana is synonymous with Cannabis. The most important ingredient of cannabis that makes it a psychogenic drug is THC though there are close to 500 compounds found in this plant. Perhaps no other drug or chemical is identified by as many names as does marijuana. People always remain confused between hash, pot, and weed. This article makes clear the meaning of these terms to remove all confusion from the minds of the readers.

Marijuana is the most commonly consumed illicit drug with nearly 7% of the population consuming it at one or the other point of their lives. This is because of its popularity as a hallucinogen, a kind of mood altering drug. There are dozens of street names of Marijuana such as weed, pot, widow, ganja, grass, hash, Mary Jane, bubble gum, cannabis, gangster, etc. Marijuana is made by mixing the dried flowers, stem, and the leaves of the hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa.

Hash is the name given to the resin made from the flowers of the cannabis plant. The most active psychogenic compound in hash is THC though there are dozens of other mood altering compounds found in this psychogenic drug. While the popular name is hash, the proper name of this product of cannabis plant is hashish. The resin glands are found in the buds of the flower of the cannabis plant. Hashish or hash is sold both as a solid when it is pressed and as a paste when it is washed with water. The most common method of consuming hash is to heat it inside a hookah or a pipe. Many people also mix hash in food recipes to get the same effect. Pot and weed are other street names of marijuana and no matter what name it is addressed with, the product remains a psychogenic drug that is illegal in most countries of the world.


The reason why people around the world consume hash, pot, or weed is because it relaxes them and elevates their mood irrespective of their personal problems. All three are different names of similar products obtained from the cannabis Sativa plant. The feeling of wellbeing and experiences of hallucination and euphoria drive people to consume these products again and again. All three products are addictive in nature, and people feel withdrawal symptoms when they are made to stop using pot, weed, or hash.