Difference Between HCG Drops And Injections

hCG is human Chorionic gonadotropin hormone which is important for pregnancy and found in the placenta of the women and is responsible for maintaining healthy pregnancy. Recent studies have revealed that hCG plays important role in metabolism and hence it has now been regarded as important method of weight loss. It is available in form of drops, injections, sprays and pills. When combined with low calorie dies hCG can be used effectively to reduce weight as it only reduces the fat whereas muscle mass is preserved. People are now confused between the effectiveness of hCG drops and hCG injections and the method which will give them the best result.

hCG Drops

Oral hCG drops are sublingual homeopathic remedy for which you need to put under your tongue. It is generally taken by the people who do not want to be injected or cannot afford costly hCG sprays and transdermal gels. The dosage depends upon the persons weight loss goal for example to lose 14lbs you may require 1oz of hCG for 21 consecutive days. However, the dosage also depends on other factors like age. It is considered better option when compared to injection as it is cost effective as well as painless.

hCG Injections

It is the method of injecting hCG intradermally into the person aspiring for weight loss. It is considered that hCG injections give immediate weight loss results and hence preferred by most of the people aspiring for weight loss. It is a very painful method and is accompanied by a strict low calorie diet regime. Mostly the dieters themselves inject hCG into their body several times a day. It is extremely painful and is administered uncontrollably by the dieters.

Difference between hCG Drops and Injections

The hCG drops and injections do not have much difference, however they can be differentiated based on their effectiveness, cost and safety.

• HCG drops has been found to be as effective as injections. However, a study shows that people who switched to drops from injection showed better results with less appetite and hunger pangs. They were more energetic.

• Oral or hCG drops are cheaper when compared to injections. The injections may require doctors prescription whereas hCG drops are available without prescription.

• The safety concern for both the drops and injection is the same. Both have same side effects on prolonged usage which includes dizziness, vomiting, nausea, water retention, hives, irregular urination, depression, increased irritability swollen hands and feets and in rare cases heart attack.

• Prolonged usage of both the forms with diet control can have very bad effect on the health of the individual.


The hCG drop and injection are very much similar in their effectiveness and the only difference lies in their cost and availability. Both of them have not been approved by USFDA .