Difference Between Headache and Migraine

Headache vs Migraine

A person can get headache or migraine now and then. This is to be remembered that the human brain is not sensitive to the pain because it does not have any natural receptors for this sense. People get one of the two pains because of multiple reasons that are based on the problems arising in the back of the head or the area of the neck. Both problems can be acute or chronic. Diagnosing the exact problem might help people get the suitable remedy for them. People must consult their doctors for the remedies.

Headache is one of the most common health problem faced by humans. As mentioned earlier the major cause for this pain is the problem in the areas of back of the head and in the neck side. There are numerous reasons behind the headache. A person may be suffering from fever, or any other disease, or he could be in any sort of tension, fear, anxiety, depression and fatigue. People might face this kind of trouble due to their carelessness, the faulty postures or extreme of some activity might cause headache too. The three kinds of this pain are the primary, secondary and other kinds of pains in head, and in other words they can be said as acute and chronic headaches. The concept of endorphins also counts here a lot, the level of endorphin suggest the degree of pain.

Talking about the second kind of problem related to the pain in head is called the migraine that is quite different in nature than the headache. The major feature of this problem is observed by the person having extreme pain on just one side of his head. The pain is such an extreme one that causes visionary defects, weakness, tensions, stress, nausea and much more. It is usually a tight, prolonged pain on one side of the head. Commonly, ladies face this problem more in ratio. It is caused by the changes in the brain activities like in the flow of the blood and tissues that calls for this pain. Other than that, people who take in drugs in excess, have any kind of allergy, doing extreme of some activity, excess of some psychological problem, and the people who are unhealthy and sensitive may have this problem common in them.

The major difference between the two diseases is that during the headache the patients suffers from the pain on the total area of his head, but in case of migraine he only feels the pain on the one side of his head it could be any, depending from person to person. The level of pain in headache is sometime quite extreme but low level headaches also are faced by a large number of people in day to day life. But in migraine the pain is so extreme, although it is just on a single half portion of the head but it could cause serious problems for the patients, he is usually unable to perform his normal activities during that. The symptoms are different for both the problems. In migraine, patients suffer from nausea, light sensitivity, weakness etc, and in headaches patients suffer from fever, some psychological problem, or he might be unhealthy. Headaches are common in every human being, but migraines are seen to be genetically transferred.